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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Its only blooming march!

Hi all, hope you are well this week, and didnt feel too sick after all those pancakes on tuesday?!
Id love to know if anyone is giving anything up for lent? Im giving up impulse buying-no really i am. Im not sure thats the idea of lent, but i dont care-any excuse!... I going to try really hard to live buy the 'do i really need it, do i have room for it, can i afford it?' mantra.
The new house rule is one thing in, one thing out, so, when i buy something new i WILL get rid of something old. I'll keep you posted on progress.
It kind of only just dawned on me, its the 10th of March today, the 10TH OF MARCH, that means we're almost a 3rd of the way through the third month of the year, already.
HOW *DID* that happen?!
Im mean, im ticking off the weeks(for obvious reasons)and even i hadnt really clocked
that we're whizzing through the year at the speed of light! NEXT MONTH im having a baby!!!

The girls have been really busy with school projects lately and we seem to just be rolling from one week into the next without looking back. I seem to have lists all over the place, lists of 'to buy' things for baby, lists of 'to do' jobs for Mr P in readiness for baby, dates in the diary, parents evening, car work, etc etc.
This week has been a particularly crazy one. On saturday morning my step-mum and dad arrived in their old clothes ready to overhaul the upstairs landing and nursery.
I decided i wanted it all just painted white. We get lots of light in baby's room, and lots of light in the girls room, but none in between so i though keeping it all white would improve things, and boy does it look good.
This week my mum and i have continued where they left off.
Ive learnt alot about painting this week, tip one would be to buy dulux-we started out with a giant tub of crown paint which was on offer in B&Q, BIG mistake, dad and i took it back and got some dulux one coat instead as the cheap crown didnt even cover the palest blue walls after 3(agonising) coats!!
Same with the woodwork, own brand(which was still expensive)was no where near the same quality as the dulux eggshell i went back for, it looks beautiful and has a great finish. We also invested in some good brushes which made all the difference.

Here i am in the uncarpeted nursery before we started painting yesterday.
I was thinking, wow, in about seven weeks i'll be taking in this view with a tiny person in my arms, instead of in my belly, explaining where our home lies on this beautiful farm, and all the great places to play in the summer, or read a book or have a picnic under a secret tree.

This is the view out of the window and to the left, out across the garden, and into the field beyond.
And straight ahead, you'll recognise the oak tree from lots of other photos on here..
Cant wait to get that grass cut!
Im sure i'll be introducing baby to more of these fellas...what a handsome chap.

So, ive certainly been making the most of this energy im currently taking ownership of, but i know it will be short lived and will soon diminish...so when i have to stop and just sit on the front patio and gaze out with a cuppa in hand, feeling the sun on my face i'll be admiring beauties such as these which are all bursting into life right now im my front border.

This was me yesterday, forgive the bad hair, it wasnt a morning when i could be bothered to blow dry my hair and i hadnt actually realised how badly i need some highlights!

Bump hasnt made a huge amount of progress since i was last photographed, but here it is at nearly 33 weeks!

Outfit details are as follows:
Jeans-H&M maternity
Pink sweater-GAP maternity
Scarf-Cath Kidston
*Smug look*-all mine(im a happy lady right now!)

Ive got an exciting day coming up on sunday..watch this space!

Love Kirsty xoxo


WinnibriggsHouse said...

Its funny how you suddenly get a burst of energy just before a baby is due. My daughter still has a way to go (baby no 2 due end of May) so shes at the tired stage just now. However they are in the middle of buying a house, so I can see things getting very hectic, very soon! Good luck with the decorating, I shall be watching closely for your new arrival. Ps your garden looks lovely. What a super view.

Rubysmamma said...

Ah bless her, that sounds exhausting AND exciting at the same time!!! xxxx

charl said...

oh you look so lovely preggers!!!

i always said from about 32-33 weeks onwards of both of my pregnancies i loved it!!
i would have so much energy and be decorating or painting something in the house ( even it didnt need it!)
its such a special time isnt it.. what a lovely place to bring up your children as well..

Saphy said...

I too am giving up shopping for Lent, I think it is a good thing to do. Lent is all about making sacrifices and giving up something that is important to you.

If we don't need to eat it or use it for cleaning either the house or ourselves we do not buy it. I have survived 2 day's so far!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I think you look fantastic. Get everything you can get done now. I remember feeling that burst of energy.

♥coco rose♥ said...

Beautiful post! You look gorgeous!

I am trying very hard to only buy what I NEED and not what I want....unless it's cheap and from the charity shop!!!!!

I am trying to do the 'one in...one out' thing too, as my house is at bursting point!

It's such a great feeling getting some decoration done, and what lovely views you have from your house! Gosh, not long now before you will be holding babe and looking out of the window!

Have a super weekend!

Love Vanessa xxxxxxxxx

LittleGem said...

Looking gorgeous Kirsty, I love seeing how you put together an outfit! I bought some pumps today, they are converse style but white with multi coloured polka dots all over! Only £4.99!
Now long now til the big day, you will show us the finished nursery yes? xxxx

LittleGem said...

P.S You can probably tell I am not giving up shopping for lent! hehe! xx

bellaboo said...

Trying to cut down on my china buying,but then I see something gorgeous in the charity shop and can't resist!
You have such lovely views from your house.Next door,they have cut down all the shrubs and trees,so our garden isn't secluded anymore....Grrrrr! :0)

Victoria said...

My New Year's resolution was to think before I buy - and only buy real necessities. So now I look - then stop ......... rather hard though! How excited you must be ..... good luck and enjoy the weather. x