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Friday, 18 March 2011


What a girl wants, a pregnant girl gets!...And THIS ladies, is not just a craving, its an addiction!
I literally have to have my ice, its SoOoOo satisfying i cant even explain.
Im still having the odd cuppa here and there but mainly its just ice and ribena, ice and apple juice, ice and water...i kind of think i understand what it must be like to have an addiction to cigarettes, or food, or drugs now, when im at work and i cant have it...well, you dont want to be around me!
Luckily ive knocked my hours down to 10 a week over two days now, so its not too bad.
I had the same craving with my 2nd daughter, it drives my family crazy, sitting there, 'crunch crunch crunch' but i know that as soon as baby is born it'll disappear, and they can have some peace and quiet again!

This is MY drawer of the freezer, poor Mr P had to do a late night dash for some the other day, as SHOCK HORROR we were getting low. And he even bought be back a raspberry pavlova too...surely..thats love?

Id love to hear of your cravings?
Have a lovely weekend all...
Kirsty xoxo


Pretty at Heart said...

I work with a lot of new or pregnant mums and have heard of a lot of ice cube cravings
I personally, craved stuffed crust pizzas - even though they were new out and initially I had never even tasted them before!!

jackanne said...

hiya,my craving 13 years ago was for SPICE GIRL CRISPS remember them! and GRANNY SMITHS APPLES,i was so sure that my baby was gonna come out singing "mama i love you"! oh the good memories....my mum licked coal...ergh!!your bump looks so cute!x

♥coco rose♥ said...

Ooooh love a bit of ice too! I didn't have cravings with my first, but it was tinned tomatoes with my second and watercress with my third. I could get through copius tins of tomatoes and bags of watercress by day! nice when it stopped, although not bad cravings to have!

By the way....You rocked in those photos in your recent post! Thought I had left a comment, but ditsy me hadn't, and just wanted to let you know!!!!!

Have a super weekend and happy ice sipping!!!!!

Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxx

Ms C said...

With my first (boy) it was apples and cherryade. With my second (girl) it was cabbage and also ice cubes. With my 3rd (boy) it was pickled onions with cubes of cheese and the cheese had to be vinegary too, and also cashew nuts. Used to give me shocking indigestion but I still couldn't stop!

You are looking very well, won't be long now :-D

susan said...

My craving (both times)was salt and vinegar crips and granny smith apples at the same time

charl said...

when my sister was pregnant with one of her little ones she had a real craving for ice to.. and when i was pregnant with my first i couldnt get enough of pint glasses full of pure orange but it had to have loads of ice in it.!!

Smiffy said...

Yes I was ice too but my tipple was ice pops...thankfully you can get them all year round! Also bananas with my first but I think that was because I was off most foods and they really helped to keep me going...lived on them..even thought my daughter was going to come out yellow!! I've heard of some having major cravings for chalk....white or coloured...v strange x x x

Anonymous said...

My little chubster was born 10 weeks ago and my ice craving has remained. I'm still crunching my way through a couple of pint glasses full of cubes a day.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Yes, I do remember loving ice. I was like a human snow cone machine. I also craved grapefruit.

Victoria said...

Better than one of my cravings - it was Cadbury's Milk Tray!!!!!! x

Polka said...

dont have kids on my own but a friend used to have craving for powdered sugar. she would sit with a bag full of it and eat it with a spoon :)

sadie said...

you are a radiant pregnant lady, your photos are fabulous :o)

well ice is better than cream cakes. I ate one each day whilst pregnant, but it wasn't a craving. I was making sure I ate a bit of dairy as I am not good with taking in milk or yogurt!


Bertie Meadows said...

Oh yes I remember cravings very well . Mine was chewing gum 1/2 a pack at a time, and sniffing dettol. I couldn't get enough of the smell! I even took a bottle With me when I went away for the weekend. Happy hormones.

Bertie x

Kitty said...

I had a craving for pints of strong Robinsons orange squash.It had to be Robinsons , i'd drink pints of the stuff a day.

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

My craving was bread with philadelphia cheese and loads on sweet/sour gherkins on top.