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Monday, 21 March 2011


It was Rubys 6th birthday on Friday, we had a quiet family gathering after school, as she had a joint party with her best friend last Saturday at a lovely local garden centre.
They had a 'deco-patch' party, simple decoupage for kids, 14 of them all together, sandwiches, crisps and jelly and ice cream in the on site cafe = easy time for mummy as there was no clearing up! Thought you might like to see a few nice photos before i bore you all to death with this post?


So, thats me lately, mental, i think i AM actually going mental. I just feel like i have SO much going round in my brain that if i dont get some of it out i'll end up sat in a small corner of my house rocking whilst holding my knees!

Firstly i want to apologise, i dont feel like im that 'finger on the pulse' blogger that some of you girls manage to be, i have ideas for posts, then someone else gets in there before me and writes an identical account, or i cant photograph what id like to blog because my camera is broken, or i sit down after the girls have gone to bed with all good intentions, and fall asleep by 7.15pm...So, you catch my drift right?

Things are all good with us right now, there isnt alot to show and tell for the moment anyway i guess. The bathroom(the SODDING bathroom ive renamed it) has become a bit of a pain in the arse, but as soon as its finished i will show it to you, in all its glory, please accept my apologies its taking SO LONG... you can wait a little longer, right?

Babys room/landing has had a white paint makeover and the carpet went down last week, so i can reveal all when i can get a man in to move all my furniture back to where i need it.
Of course, nothing's ever simple, and i inadvertantly managed to instruct the fitters to completely cut off the main tv ariel into the house. Major, MAJOR catastrophe. Still not fixed, no idea when it will be...thank god for BT Vision!

Mr P isnt around right now as we have been blessed with the weather we need to get the crops in. It means i have the place pretty much to myself and he doesnt get shouted at for coming home filthy as im already asleep by then!
But, there are a great many 'jobs' on my list which are niggling at me to be finished before the baby comes in precisely 5 weeks!
This includes a major leak under the sink being rectified, i cant use the dishwasher, OR pour anything down the sink at the moment, i think if it goes on for another day the men in white coats will have to carry me off!!!!!!

Then theres the garden, oh, my poor poor garden, There are about, oh, a million ? things i need/want to do out there, but im being realistic now, my body just wouldnt be able to cope with any hard graft, and, i just don't have the time(or the energy) right now.

I still need to organise 'most' of the cupboards in my house, the uncontrollable nesting urge dictates the actions of my every waking hour right now, and the cupboards seem to be my target-tidy cupboards mean more room for tidy 'stuff'.
Ive kind of fallen out of love with my house, it just feels too challenging, the dogs/cats/kids just create SO much mess and physical dirt that there is literally a thick layer of brown dirt on every surface at the start and end of every day. Remind whats so idyllic about living on a farm?!

I still have loads of stuff to get in prep for the baby, so far i still need a mattress for the moses basket, and one for the crib, and sheets for both, plus sheets for the cot. I need to get a blind made for babys room, i need to get to ikea for 'bits' for baby's room. I also need some more 'mummy stuff' which a new mummy cant be without.

Then soon its easter, the girls are always inundated with so much chocolate that they're still trying to work through it in October so im planning something which isnt chocolate orientated for them, i will be even more heavily pregnant by then so must must must sort it out now!

Mothers day cant have escaped your attention, in the uk its in just a weeks time, shit, one week?! Where did that creep up from....cards bought, must sort gifts - x3!

So, there we have it, the latest installment in my crazy life...be back soon, hopefully feeling slightly more sane, i promise x


♥coco rose♥ said...

..........and breathe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can so relate to much of this...and I'm not even pregnant!!!!!

Sometimes I feel like there is so much going on up there in my head that i'll burst if I don't get some of it out!

I think too much, I want to do too much and there are not enough hours in the day! Why oh why do kids get so grubby and why, why, why do I have to clean the bannister every few days from ground in dirt. Seriously how messy can kids get? Drives me mad!

That pasrty looks the coolest ever! Where is it? I tell you, forget the birthdays, I want to be there by myself decoupaging all the bits and bobs on the shelf! I must be mental too!

Hope you have a calmer week...and your ariel gets fixed...oh and your leaky pipes too!

Much love

Vanessa xxxxxxxx

Saphy said...

You know in 6 weeks time half of this won't matter any-more! you must be feeling very tired so that things you would normally just do without thinking are an effort. The the nesting part of your brain decides you have not got enough to do/man age/worry about and wants you to clean and tidy the things you can't see, as well as the things you can. Hang on in there and enjoy sleeping through the night for the next few weeks!

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

You are pregnant! How did I miss this?! Well, clearly I haven't been over to say hi in a while...

So funny really, I somehow missed the 'hello from me and bump' pic on the right of your blog, and then spotted the pic of you standing behind the children's party and thought 'hmmm, can I see a BUMP?'

Congratulations Kirsty!

And thank you for popping over and saying something nice about my own lovely long-eared baby :)

I loved your post. I get it. Our circumstances are different but feelings similar - overwhelmed, too much to do, mess, no help. And for the blog (and the business) I am so full of sparks of ideas but lacking the time or energy to bring them to life.

Sending a hug.


ps LOVE the bump photos - you are such a beautiful family!!

MaygreenFairies said...

I have stumbled across your blog and thoroughly enjoyed my visit, I shall be back!! I love your latest post!! Mandy

Victoria said...

Bet you feel much better for getting your stress off your chest - better out than in. Looked to be a great party - fantastic idea. Hope you have had a good week and that some of your problems have been sorted. x