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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Im in Love...

....With a table!
I absolutely love this table, its exactly what im looking for to go in my hallway. The colour is beautiful and its the perfect size to sit in the space under the stairs...now i just need to find one!(no idea where i nabbed this photo from!)

The same style of lovely hand painted furniture as this is available here if you'd like some inspiration!

Speaking of my hallway-not the most exciting space in the house but i think even a small space should make you smile when you walk through it.

With that in mind ive now finally selected some wallpaper after months of having samples hanging up.
My inspiration has has partly come from the photo on the right, its Cath Kidston Mono Rose and ive chosen it in the blue. The hall is quite dingy so i hope it'll brighten it up. I found it really hard locating any images of her wallpapers actually 'up' so to speak. This one, along with a range of beautiful furniture can be found here.
(And if anyone else knows of any more images apart from Yvestown blog id be grateful!)
Im hoping our carpenter will soon be in as well, as part of the hall 'transformation' we are having the hideous bannister replaced with spindles.Which should make it feel bigger and more open.
I'll also make a new door curtain and try to get Mr P to knock me up a radiator cover at some point this year!
Thats all for now folks, hope you're not reading this and are actually out enjoying the sunshine!!!
.....I'll be back tonight with a hint of 'fluffiness'...ha, exciting stuff!.....


MelMel said...

Hi hunni!

I have a little junk shop table just that colour! ooohhhh it is so pretty!
I bet you could easily find a table that looks like it and then paint it!

Lovely in a hallway!xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Thanks for that, Kirsty!! I have 4 legs in my garage, & if my brother will make me a little table top for them, I could paint one similar to that!!
Love your ideas for the hallway, you will have to show us all your pics!!

Sharon xx

LissyLou said...

ooo yes i love it too....lots of antique/ junk shops do those kind of tables. Love those cushions too!!

Summer Blue said...

Kirsty, try; The Granary in Bradford-on-Avon, they have a website. I'm looking for painted furniture at the mo (or furniture to paint), and have found some lovely things there.
Looking forward to seeing the wallpaper when it's up, great choice.
Enjoy the sunshine,
Jane. x

Sal said...

I love your table...it's just what I would've chosen!!

charl said...

i love the mono rose wallpaper. i wanted it for our hallway aswell i changed my mind in the end as the amount i needed would have cost a fortune but i do wish id got it!!!
that table would be lovely for a hallway .. pretty colour

Florence and Mary said...

Ooooh I love that table too!

Victoria x

Alijane said...

Love your choice of furniture. We have CK mono rose in our bedroom, ours is in turquoise and looks lovely. Check it out on my blog for a picture if you like.