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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Gardening is taking over my life!

Hello, hello, hope youre all well. As the title of this post suggests, im going to share more garden stuff with you! I dont think there will be any indoor posts for a while as its just been sooo beautiful weather-wise lately. It must have been at least two weeks since it rained here, maybe more? Downside of all that sun is ive become a slave to my evening watering routine. Kids in bed, chickens shut away, dishwasher stacked, and im off out in the garden tending to my seedlings and new shoots with hose and can in hand. Ive said before, its really really windy where we are, so some of you might be thinking ive gone mad-watering in mid april, but really, i have to as everything has dried out. Im not enjoying the watering, my hand gets freezing from the stupid leaky hose gun thing spraying water everywhere, my pj's and fluffy mammoth crocs get soaked too. Plus-i miss eastenders!!! But i guess its worth it to keep everything happy.
Firstly onto the photo below, Mr P, slaving away....laying concrete as the base to my new greenhouse!!! yes a greenhouse, ooh i tell you im so hoppity skippity excited about this, it makes the possibilities for growing almost endless!!!
Lots of things are waiting patiently to find their homes...Love these particular poppies..

Ok so we have a few(10) panels which need to be replaced, but it was free so when a few were broken in transit/the cleaning process, i didnt worry too much. Plus we have a kind friend who has promised to bring over some spare ones he has lying around.

Ive had so much fun putting all my bits and pieces in it, sorting my seed packs and selecting terracotta pots for all my geraniums...and those huge plastic tubs underneath the shelf were collected from all over the garden and look so bright all lined up like that.

Now im waiting(patiently?!!!!) for Mr P to bring home all my old feed troughs from the yard which i intend to plant my veg and cut flowers in...so far we have the grand total of 1, which is stood on the drive.

Hmpph, this lovely weather has banished him to the fields so my nagging has been via daily texts and phonecalls and im sure he's passed listening to me rant 'but my seed potatoes need to be in by this weekend !!!'

I shall keep you posted on their arrival!

So far this spring, these flowers have been my hands down absolute favourite, the stunning puffball of flowers formed by the primula denticulata (drumstick primula) have me captivated everytime i catch sight of them. The white one was from morrisons supermarket last year for a pound, and the pink one was from this year. The white has at least 8 stems on it so i hope the pink one comes back bigger and better next year!

I very naughtily found a whole bag of tulip bulbs which i should have planted last november but didnt put in until the first week in april, nearly all of them have still come up in a rainbow of colours and i abore them, just look at that yellow!

A huge fluffy Lupin wating to shoot up, again a returning friend from last year, ive bought lots more this month as i was so surprised that it came back with such vigour-and was only planted in an old ikea umbrella tin bucket!
And lastly a lovely primula veris(cowslip) these captivate me, so delicate but simple...id like to have more of these in a naturalised way around the playhouse/wildflower meadow(...but thats a post for another day!)

Thats all from me for now, enjoy your gardens in the sunshine folks !! xxx

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Doris said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. xx