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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Chicks chicks chicks!

Well, someone is strutting around as proud as punch!......We kept our fingers crossed as tight as possible and on tuesday......

Look look, its a chick peeping through!!!!!! The cheeping was so loud, even before it had broken the shell you could hear it!

And here he is...our first ever chick at Woodington Farm.

We've named him/her Willy, after the friend who gave the chickens to us in the first place.

Sadly on Wednesday another chick hatched but died soon after, i was quite sad about it as pure breeds are notoriously hard to breed, but yesterday, imagine my excitement when i checked the other eggs and found another chick chipping through!

They spent up until yesterday in the coop, but today when i came home from work Daisy and her two babies were up and about running around.

Daisy is a lavender Cochin, isn't she pretty? Fingers crossed the babies will be hens and they'll be as stunning as her.
Tried my best to get good photos for you but they were so fast!

I dont know if you can tell but one is kind of black with yellow/white on his face and the other is a pale brown all over. Sorry about Willy's fuzzy beak he would not keep still. And the name of the other one...we left it to Ruby, and declared her name is 'Milly'!

So daisy has 7 eggs still under her....we're hopeful that they'll hatch but ive been advised by Mr P's chicken man; Dan, that its unlikely they'll hatch. He was really surprised that these had hatched so early in the season so im hoping he'll be proven wrong, we shall see. He also told me that they're worth quite a bit of money at market, not that these little chick a dees will be for sale!!!!!


MelMel said...

Happy day!
Cute cute chicks....xxxxx

Blueberry Heart said...

TOOOO cute!!
BH x

Kirsti said...

Oh you are sooo lucky to have chickens and to live the country life that you do...xoxo

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Oooh cute. I grew up in the country and watching chicks hatch was such a highlight. Such a lovely thing to see as a child.

Summer Blue said...

My daughters are sat here with me looking at your post and now all I can hear is; "Mummy can WE have a Milly & Willy"?...... So cute. x

BERTIE x said...

Oh so pleased for you, what a lovely surprise. We have six eggs in an incubator due to hatch on Tuesday, fingers crossed.Reading your post has got us all eggcited!
Bertie x

Isobel said...

I love chicks and I will have my fingers crossed so the other eggs can hatch into more little ones like those two.

periwinkle said...

oh those chicks are so cute and their mummy is just gorgeous too

lemonade kitty said...

How utterly gorgeous are they you must be sooo proud. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog Lucey xx

Anonymous said...

Oh just lovely, We have a duck thats nesting in a quiet spot in a bush near the shop. She came last year and must have remembered to come back. I'll keep you posted how she does watch out for photos of her progress.

Jen xx

bellaboo said...

Just been catching up on your blog.It's amazing how much you miss just after a week! Love the cute chicks.Would love to have chickens too!

Bellaboo :0)

Florence and Mary said...

WOW that's amazing,

Victoria xx

Diane said...

They look wonderful!! Clever you. xx