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Sunday, 25 April 2010

The beauty of spring.

I forgot to show you the stunning scene i captured over the easter holidays whilst at the local park with the girls. I know that its not clear when looking at this initial photo
Im stood on one side of the river bank, behind the railings of the park , and over there on the other side, among the daffs and bluebells is the most beautiful swan, sat on a huge nest.

Isnt she(he?) just simply stunning? I just stood there in awe, snapping away, im sure the other mums thought i was mental but how often do you get to photograph such a sight?

Good luck swan...we'll be back to take a peek at your signets soon...fingers crossed x


bellaboo said...

How lovely! We have swans nesting in our country park too and I was thinking I must go out and take some pictures.I wonder how many eggs yours will produce?

Bellaboo :0)

ginger@bearbits said...

I am really impressed. I've never seen a swan in her nest before. Thanks for sharing the photo. It's lovely.


Isobel said...

How beautiful!
When we lived in Abbotts Barton there were a couple of swans that nested at the stream beside the football pitch. But about 1 year ago, they left and I think they started nesting by the park behind the leisure centre.
Your pictures are stunning.

Pea Green Kitty said...

How beautiful! What a lovely sight to have captured on film.
That nest is enormous! Then again I guess it has to be!!