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Friday, 30 April 2010

Bits n pieces....

A few little things making me happy to share with you today. Just very simple things, like Poppy, a week or so ago, we took Mr P a coffee cake on his lunch break in the fields and parked up near a little run off stream to eat our coffee and cake. In the woods in amongst the primroses and emerging bluebells were lots of pieces of corrugated tin, used for building pheasant feeding stations but discarded over the years, i remarked to Mr P that id love to find a slow worm to show to poppy as i haven't seen one since i was young.....he said no way its too cold yet, but i was determined for some of my nature enthusiasm to rub off onto pops so we hopped out and had a look around, and under the first piece of tin we lifted we found this little chap, a young common toad. She was amazed we'd found him and really didn't want to put him back. But that we did, after taking a few photos!

So, when ive not been planting, sorting, hanging washing etc ive been catching up with a few things sat right here in the sun on the back patio. Since this photo ive added lots of pretty pots full of violas and some other things which i'll photograph when i get a chance, i digress.
These bits and pieces all made me very happy last week.

I applied online, to join in with the bbc gardening campaign 'dig in', and was very excited to receive through the post my five free seed packets of veg and herbs. There was even a little sheet of very cute stickers! Did any of you apply for some?
This beautiful notebook was given to me by my mum..possibly for xmas(how spoilt-cant even remember when i received it!) and now i use it for my garden notes, i date every page that i write in as i see it as a dairy of my first few years of having a real garden and growing my own produce(fingers crossed). Jamie was there too as you can see, ive got lots of cookbooks but i keep going back to this one lately as its great for growing tips-perfectly shot old fashionedy styled photos and recipes for each season and british grown fruit and veg.

And look-making me squeal with excitement, the yard veg patch is yielding the most fab rhubarb-love love it!!!!!
Since this photo, ive picked two more lots, and make two amazingly tasty crumbles.Diet? Hmmm, double cream, ice cream, custard...you name it, ive had it. Oh well.
I also took a little inspiration from the Aspace catalogue. The garden playhouses are stunning, expensive, but very pretty indeed. I think i could live in one-actually i know i could! Why is it as grown women, with our own little homes and empires do we dream of having a tiny space such as this all of our own? madness.

OOh and this months country living was lovely, i haven't been enjoying it all that much recently if im honest so i was pleasantly surprised this time...oh, and i may have drooled slightly over the summer boden catalogue(*must.save.cash*)!!!
I bought these sweet little jars from my friend Debbie's shop in my local town of Romsey called kit & caboodle as i just could not resist them, what is it about jars and jugs that gets me going?!
And yet again my fave shop(tk maxx) came up trumps with this pink bulb planter for 2.99. Ive wanted one for ages but didn't want to play garden centre prices. I'll put it to good use in the winter!
Why is it that every time i go to get some more crumble there's only this much left?! I swear i didn't have that much!
Now, along with veg planting, ive been turning my attentions to the store cupboard stashings of the year ahead. I want to make as much as possible from what's free from the fields and trees and offerings from others this year.
Firstly, Ive decided to try making rhubard chutney next week-and have had three people order jars already! My boxing day chutney was a massive success(if i do say so myself) so, fingers crossed i can perform again!!
Ive decided i definitely want to make Elderflower cordial this year, and we even have our own elder tree in the hedge in the garden, but, what do i contain it in? The following photos are from the lakeland catalogue, but although reasonably priced, they don't have great reviews so this is where you come in. What i need to know is-can i used old wine(etc)bottles with the metal screw top lids? I know that whatever i use has to be sterilised obviously, but what are my options when it comes to bottling....any good ideas??

Anyway, even though i have about a zillion ideas whizzing around my head i think id struggle to put it all into words this evening as ive been at work all day and i have to have an early night tonight as tomorrow is one of the highlights of my year, the annual downton cockoo fair-woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alijane said...

You have been busy outside. I love a rhubarb crumble - I would have cream with mine I think!

I make elderflower cordial every year and do use those glass lakeland style bottles. They are fine and do their job ok. To be honest it never hangs around for long so keeping it never seems a problem.

Have a lovely weekend.


Andi's English Attic said...

What a shame those bottles haven't had good reviews, because they look really nice.
My daughter would have been thrilled to find the toad. We saw one last year in our garden wall but haven't seen him since.
TK Max is my favourite shop too. I also love Wilkinsons. It has a very nostalgic hardware-shop- smell to it.
Good luck with the chutney, and happy May Day.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to thank you for the eye candy in this post! oohh I want one of those mini houses too! my son just got his dig it seeds and was soooo excited!