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Monday, 3 August 2009

Soft-top Sunday!

Hi all, well here we are, stomping into week 2 of the summer holidays, i think maybe if we all pray for a little sun the spirit of the blogging community will surely lift these dripping gry clouds?

Id love to mow the lawn and potter in the garden but i dont fell like getting chilly out in the elements!

Anywho, hope you had a great weekend,i did, it was a bit different. I didnt go the carboot sale on sunday as usual, you see, my dad had invited me to 'soft top sunday' at Goodwood racecourse in chichester. He thought i might like a little trip out with him as when we're in the car together(pictured above, his Austin Healey 100:6) he can put his foot down a bit, my step mum gets a bit nervous when the top is down and lorries zoom past on the motorway. Isnt she a beauty? I had to wear my scarf tied round my head and sunglasses when we were driving along, knotty windswept hair just would not do!(i wont dare post a pic, i looked quite silly rather than thelma and louise glam!)

It was an early start but i didnt mind, taking in the vistas of the glorious suxssex countryside is no laborious task! We took the quick way there-motorway, and the scenic route back-heaven!

We joined a couple of hundred people at this event and enjoyed a lovely morning taking in the fabulous collections of vehicles, as well as partaking in a tasty and hearty breakfast, comprised of saussages and bacon organically reared on the goodwood estate!

There were families and young and old there, it was free to get in,which is a huge bonus, the pleasure is showing off your own vehicle and admiring the ones brought along by others.

i loved this Jag.....and look who had sneaked in the back for a ride?...

This was my ultimate favourite car, i think its a Porche roadster, yes i could just see myself in this one!


I had to take a quick pic of this lovely phone box too, i want one in my garden!

HOW cute is this? Obviously i was drawn in by the gorgeous fabric, not very neatly upholstered i must say but the pattern went fantastically with this little beauty of a car. Shame you dont see these around anymore.

Of course i had to show you a tractor! A 'baby' one so im told, but it looked pretty big to me! It was towing a little trailer giving people tours round goodwood, how lovely?

The weather was fab, there were lots of beautiful old cars to see and some not so beautiful and modern(smart cars!). I just had a really great time wandering around with my dad, we dont spend much quality time together as work/family commitments get in the was all too often but it reminded me of when my brother and i were little and my dad would take us to MG(his other vintage car of choice, he has a red one) meetings and shows...hope we can do it again soon!

Love Kirsty x


Sal said...

I love the Austin Healey....and I completely agree about having an old phone box in the garden (along with all the other vintagey things I'd love to put in it!)
Looks like a fab day!

marble rose said...

Oh what a lovely day to have with your daddy! Those cars look fab - as do you! I'm sure they all drive past my house on the way back to Londaaan Tawn.


Shabby Chick said...

Hi Kirsty

That sounds like a lovely day and the cars are great! You look very pretty next to them :)

Mel xxx

MelMel said...

Wooohoo fab cars! what fun!
You also look utterly glam stood next to them....just like you own them...your dress is so cute!xx

Laura said...

Now those cars look like excellent accessories! I think they would look perfect with your Cath Kidston things.

Rubyred said...

What a lovely day out wih your dad!
Love yor dining room chairs too!
Rachel x

summerfete said...

nice wheels!

maybe next time I go to Romsey we could meet up at the tearoom??

lou said...

Oh I would love an old car and have my picnic hamper at the back. I have to say I don’t spend a lot of time with my dad, not just us anyway.

You look lovely…love Lou xxx