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Sunday, 9 August 2009

mystery solved?

I couldnt figure out why this kept happening to my lovely Dhalia blooms.....all the edges have been severely munched, on almost every flower! Ive been vigorously deadheading and many new buds have formed but being an 'organic' gardener i hoped the problem would go away without necessataing the use of slug pelets and the like....then this morning, whilst hanging out the washing.....
I happened to notice this little creature making his way through the lawn....

A quick google image search has so far proven fruitless as to his type, but he's a beautiful little catterpillar, looking quite dewey in this photo. Poppy was quit captivated(if a little nervous) by this little chap.
We have many many butterflies and moths around the farm presently(most of them seeming able to find their way into my ground floor bedroom!) but i have no idea what species it could be...any ideas?

Yesterday Poppy had her friend Ed over for the day and i had set them a bug hunt challenge, a caterpillar was the only creature they were unable to locate, perhaps the chickens have been helping to keep their numbers low?
She was very very happy to finally be able to tick it off -even if it was a day late!
I love how interested my girls are in the nature surrounding us, they can name so many different species, birds, mammals, plants, im really keen to nuture this interest as its so important that future generations want to take care of the world they live in.


marble rose said...

My three girls have decided your caterpillar is a rare breed of 'furrymustacheopillar'. Mystery solved!


The sewing room said...

Oh l used to love those little creatures when l was little,don't see many now though and sorry l don't know what they are called either,might be Fred or Harry LOL HUGS PAT

MelMel said...

What a lovely post!
Nice when children are interested in something other than the TV....I think your home life is a refreshing change!xxxx

Felicity said...

Hi Kirsty
thanks for following my blog, I've just been looking around yours, your home life looks lovely, I live in Hampshire too, in a teeny tiny railway cottage in Fareham town centre. I think i agree with fleur your caterpillar is definitely a 'furrmustacheopillar! he he!! fliss xx

Pomona said...

The frilly edge makes quite a pretty effect!

Pomona x

periwinkle said...

we saw one of those the other day - it moved so fast too . I identified it as one of these http://ukmoths.org.uk/show.php?id=792. I'd be wary about touching them as they can give you a nasty rash, very itchy.