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Friday, 7 August 2009

Random gorgeousness for fabulous friday!

Ladies,on this fabulous friday i thought you deserved a little visual treat. Feel free to ooh and ahh the the following gorgeousness i set before you....for no reason other than it all makes me smile!
New jug, charity shop 50p!

My huge double hollyhock, stunning, these pink pom poms litter my patio, to the great amusement of my girls!
Below...*squeals with delight* An image from the new Greengate catalogue, so much gorgeousness i had to make sure i was comfortably seated before flicking through the online pages, oh how i'd love an all white scandanavian home like the ones featured(why oh why is my partner a farmer?!)

This stunning wallhanging was featured in easy living magazine its by Lulu & Nat. I love it, beautiful.

Some Nicky Trench gorgeousness.........(Check out her blog here if you havnt already, lovely, talented lady)

OMG, how much do i want these?!?!?!

I couldnt post pictures of so much loveliness and not include my lovely ladies could i?

And lastly, ive been tagged by Sal, shes has given me this.... .....fabulous award! Im all smiley now, ah i love it when i get awards from my most wonderful blogging pals, and Sal's right up there with the best of em'!

Im obligated to now reveal 5 of my curret obsessions, so without further a do:!

  1. Im so into tea dresses this year, you know, pretty floaty floral dresses, the kind that look great with a cardigan and my hunters?! I wouldnt pay the crazy prices that CK charge, but there are many lovely ones in high street shops....(my newest one can be found on page 165 of the new Next catalogue!)

  2. Eating amazing tasting buns daily,made from the hens fresh eggs!

  3. Nectarines(do you see a foody pattern forming here?), so yummy im often seen sat at my desk at work just sniffing in their sweet scent before devouring them and dripping juice all over myself!

  4. Crisp white egyptian cotton bedsheets, ive got a new Laura Ashley one i got in the sale, its got, kind of lacy embroidery on it(also in white)in a floral pattern, and its without a doubt the best duvet cover ive ever owned, not only does it look stunning on my bed with my vintage lace pillowcases and Greengate cushions its the best quality bedding ive ever slept under, just cant emphasize enough how amazing it is!!!!

  5. My new Rachel Allen cookbook, who knew carrots could taset SO AMAZING with so little effort?

So there we have it, five little obsessions making me happy at present, i dont know if the obsessions had to be ones which make you happy or not, but im sure you dont want to hear how obsessed i am about finding the exact same kitchen tiles i had in my last house for this one, or with the number of wasps entering my dining room i can kill in a day??.....No, thought not.

I nominate the following sweet ladies for the award, and apologise in advance if you've already completed this one!......

Hen @ http://henhousehomemade.blogspot.com/

Bertie @ http://bertiemeadows.blogspot.com/

Mel @ http://facebook-melmel.blogspot.com/

lisa @ http://btchwstix.blogspot.com/

Catherine @ http://mollycupcakes.blogspot.com/

All thats left is for me to do is to visit each lady and notify them of their awards!

Hope you all enjoy what promises to be a lovely weekend!

Love Kirsty X


MelMel said...

Wow..Wow..Wow.....some lovely pictures...I so enjoyed them...and then WOW...an award, not had one for AGES!!!!

Thank you sweetie...have a super weekend!xxx

Pixiedust said...

Nice pics. Off to check out the online greengate catalogue now. xxx

Kirsty said...

lovely lovely pictures - think this is the first time I've commented here. I think I may get lost looking back on some fab posts. Good name btw - Kirsty xx

The sewing room said...

Such nice pics you have cheered me up looking at them have a great weekend hugs Pat

LissyLou said...

That greengate cat is fantastic - i've never heard of them before!!

Pomona said...

The hollyhock is spectacular - much better than my single white ones! And congratulations - it's very exciting to see my fabulous blog pic on your post! And all because I was so hopeless at transferring the original award logo!

Have a good weekend!

Pomona x

Mary Poppins said...

Lovely photographs :)

We have many a wasp here too, wonder what the best way to discourage them from coming in is I wonder, any tips.


Florence and Mary said...

Certainly a visual treat! I love greengate... and the wall hanging is gorgeous... and.. and...!

Victoria xx

mollycupcakes said...

Awww thank you sweet lady.
I'll have a go at my obessions. Using the laptop is fast becoming one of them lol can't wait for my old computer to be pluged back in.
Gorgeous photos, your little ladies are sooo cute.
Thanks again.
Catherine x