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Saturday, 29 August 2009

New things...

I thought you might like to see these stunning Dhalias i picked up yesterday, i popped to the boot sale which is behind our house(not literally) and didnt really get anything worthy of showing you...although Ruby would beg to differ as she got a new floaty, net, pink ballet type skirt which ive yet to persuade her to remove! I got the dhalias from the lady who sells things on a little stall, veg, plants, eggs....would you believe these stunners were just 50p and were still there when i arrived to snap them up at 10.30?! So the above picture is where i sit, at the dining table, looking out onto the garden at the oak tree, maize field and the chickens pecking worms out of the lawn. I dont know why this photo was so dark, it was actually a lovely sunny but i know it doesnt look it! There are so many colours and types of Dhalia in there there's no way i could pick just one as a favourite...ive put them next to me so i can really appreciate them as i sit here alot, to do my make up in the morning, to surf, to eat lunch, this table is pretty much the hub of the home, cant wait for Mr P to get on with the Rayburn and knocking the kitchen wall down so its all a bit more open......

I did get these from the car boot sale they were two bunches for £2.50 i stuck them in a kilner jar, stood back and admired the view and its really making me smile having flowers about the place again- i havet been able to stretch my funds far enough for an indulgence of this type over the holidays but i appreciate them all the more for it.

And lastly, these are new to a certain little lady who will be taking her first steps a week tomorrow into that big scary new place we call SCHOOL! She isnt really bothered at all in all honesty its me who feels im loosing my baby. We went to buy her first pair of school shoes on saturday, we took our meat counter ticket and waited patiently to be served. I think little lady was slightly shocked at how heavy the shoes felt to her, she's only used to wearing little ballet pump type shoes and im not sure im all that pleased about her tender little puds being squeezed into these day in day out, she's have the calf muscles of a russian shot putter in weeks! The have little purple cats on them which im sure will have swayed her choice here but, if you were four years old, wouldnt you want the new shoes with the purple cat on??!
I wont be sending her to school in the stripy socks of course-oh no, its boring grey or white im afraid.
I remember the feeling of getting my new school shoes, i was so excited and wandered around the house with them on for hours getting a feel for them, posing in front of the mirror, but i didnt get that same feeling of excitement from Ruby, maybe its because school is still a scary thought ....or maybe she has so many pairs of shoes that these are just another pair to be kicked off at the end of the day and then relegated to the shoe graveyard in a couple of months when they're scuffed and unloved(and grown out of!!). Whatever the reason, i got pleasure from seeing her in them, then all dressed up in her uniform-puuurrlllleeeasse can i try it all on together mummy?!!.....I'll let you know how shes getting on in a few months time, im sure big sister will show her the ropes then they'll be no stopping her!


Diane said...

Love the shoes. Having kids makes time fly by so fast. It was only yesterday that the dancing queen was showing off in her new uniform and 1st school shoes. Last year at college and A levels start for her soon. xxxx

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

I love the little honesty stalls by the side of a house. The dalhias are lovely. Good luck to your little girl, it sounds like she is raring to go and looking forward to it. I remember the first my daughter started at school. It did feel strange having to let go and see the routine change. You get used to it though.
Take care
Isabelle x

marble rose said...

I took youngest to get her first shoes yesterday and she too was surprised by the weight I think, evidently as she ran out of the shop and promptly fell over - bless. Scuffed shoes before she's even started!


Lydia said...

All the best for you & your littlest one starting school. It's a bit emotional isn't it? (& I'm purple cats rock for 4 year olds...)

Love the flowers - Fab!

Love Lydia

periwinkle said...

gorgeous dahlias , I think I was one of the few mams who didn't cry when Milo started school , but those are lovely shoes

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Did somebody say NEW shoes! Where, who, when! Tee hee, I used have to take mine to bed with me, my Mum would position them at the end of the bed so that I could see them when I woke up! Bless......sad thing is I am still doing it, tee hee :D Sarah x

Isobel said...

Hi Kirsty,
I hope you and your little one have a smooth start of school. I am already thinking how it will be when my boy goes to school for the first time (how crazy am I? He is only 8 months old!). LOL
Your flowers just look stunning.
Take care. x

Summer Blue said...

How funny, I've just written an almost identical post!!! Although mine was without beautiful dalhias to look at!!
Oh god, just realised that my daughter will be bitterly disappointed when she sees others have shoes with purple cats!! Maybe I should have braved Clarks after all!!!
Take care,
Jane. x

Curlew Country said...

What a big day - its a real watershed moment isn't it; buying first school shoes. We did the same last week for my little man who's only just 3 and has to go to nursery in uniform now! Not very happy about that but its a lovely place. Sure your little one will settle in really quickly and have tons of fun. Treat yourself to a nice sit down and a cup pot tea when you get home. I got wobbly knees!!

Wonderful dahlias. I'm promising myself I'll grow some on our allotment next year, I've got a Sarah Raven Cutting Patch thing in mind - wish me luck!

Thanks for you lovely comments on my blog, thrilled to discover yours and your lovley pictures too.
Have a smashing week.