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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Cath Kidston interview

I thought some of you might find this interview with our beloved Cath interesting....read the comments, the make very interesting reading!!!
Kirsty xxxxxxx


MelMel said...

Love your comment!
I left one too!

Pomona said...

I'm not surprised really - those of us who do stay at home baking and sewing don't build empires! I think she says in one of her books that she can't sew. But somehow she has managed to create a dream of the past which appeals to so many of us - I'm all for nostalgia, and she has a canny eye for what will sell - good luck to her, really!

Pomona x

Moe said...

O.M.G, I had always a vision of Cath Kidston being some kind of Domestic Goddess who would have the dinner on the table when Hubby came home. Thankfully it would seem she is just................
well normal like the rest of us!

Sal said...

I left one too! LOL

She is also in the Daily Telegraph today!


sarah-jane down the lane said...

Good to know we are all human after all! thanks for the link!
Love Sarah x