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Saturday, 30 April 2011


How would you feel if you stumbled across this at a boot sale table?!
Er VERY excited>?!! I asked the man how much this item was (trying to look as nonchalant as possible)..'oh the tent,... oh um i fink its that Caff woman-oh i wanted a fiver-gimme four quid'!!!'

I enquired as to the condition-noted the sticker on the outside-*tent*complete*-but as the bag had a small(tiny)tear in it i wondered how much of a bargain i was getting if i got home and there were no poles in the bag or a similar scenario?! (ive never put up a tent in my life btw).

Regardless, something inside me said *buyitbuyitbuyit*So, I pressed a fiver into his hand, got my change and practically skipped back to the car(imagine a big pink elephant swaying from side to side!)

Got home and looked on ebay initially to see if i could make a few pennies out of it...well how often do we camp? (never)....and we could do with the cash?(new baby)...

Then daddy put it up for the girls...i mean, for me to photograph for ebay, and to check it was all there...!

And, well, the rest is history!
I also got the two sun loungers from a house clearance man, two quid each, still with their £10 price labels on(asda).

My kitchen is now missing various things that the girls needed as props for their camping experience.
Note daddys lunch box above, being used as the camp fire-with sticks on top!
Its been so lovely to see them out there all day, i dont know if ive got the heart to spoil their fun by packing it away and flogging it on!

What would you do?

So not only did i get a CK tent, i also got a CK butter dish, boxed, two quid! Hurrah!

My fave item though was this, STUNNING, Gap navy wool coat, doesnt even look like it was worn once!
The photo really doesnt do it justice, its beautiful, the shape is classic and flattering, a nipped in waist, funnel neck and button detail on the back and pockets, i cant wait to wear it this winter when im thin again.
I'll wash it and pack it away until then. (Again, this was just TWO TEENY TINY POUNDS!!!!!!)

From the same(lovely) girl i bought this scarf from white stuff-YES WHITE STUFF-er 50p...she must have been nuts, im so SO in LoVe with this scarf, it has neopolitan ice cream colours, the pink is so pale these photos dont really show it off, then a rainbow of other shades...simple, but stunning.

Here's me and bump enjoying a snuggle with the new scarf!

From the same girl, i also got this m&s, tweed style jacket-perfect for the winter with a white shirt, indigo jeans and riding boots...TWO POUNDS-*but*i also bought a black topshop vest and a pretty cotton dress for that price!

Also yesterday i got a pink cashmere belted/hooded m&s cardigan, £1.50, its in the wash so couldnt photograph it....and a john lewis sofa cushion, £1(sooo lovely) and a few plants for my butler sink.

Looking pretty eh?
Ive planted up some Basil and thyme in the sink so far but have a few trailing geraniums in with them, and some verbena to add colour..just need to plant it up!

I love this little area by my back garden table, and as i wont have much time this year to take care of the garden im sticking to just having some easy plants in a few pots along the little wall.

I didn't celebrate the royal wedding at all as i couldn't plan anything because of the baby's due date, which has come and gone, so im now very jealous of all your lovely posts showing off the wonderful street parties...im so glad you all had such a fab time....I watched it at home with Mr P, and cried- ALOT, but loved it!

I will catch up with you all as and when im next able.....fingers crossed i'll be 'too busy' very soon!

Love Kirsty XoXo


Naomi said...

What wonderful buys!! You found some real treasures. I think you should keep the tent as I am sure your girls will get hours of fun in the garden with it. I have a little boy...and I am saving my pennies for one of the CK Tipees!! All the best with your imminent arrival!! Much love Naomi xx

VintageVicki said...

Wow - love the tent - will give you £6 for it ;) Absolute bargain :)

Pomona said...

What amazing finds! And I think you have to keep the tent for the girlies - they will have such fun in it all summer. Hope things are on the move pretty soon - I remember time hangs a bit heavy when you have passed your due date ... With best wishes

Pomona x

Rebecca said...

Such wonderful buys and amazing bargains! I love the tent! My hubby bought me the sleeping bags a few years ago from this range, I love them!

Best wishes for you and the baby, hope it all goes smoothly! xx

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What fantastic finds. I wouldn't have the heart to sell the tent either. Love all your clothes. Best wishes and prayers for a safe and healthy delivery to you and the precious bundle you will be taking home soon.

Alijane said...

Wow what bargains, I love a good car boot sale. That tent looks fab, don't sell it let the girls love it.

Good luck with the baby, can't wait for your exciting news.


Thecraftytrundler said...

What a fab car boot sale!!! I don't think your daughters will let you sell the tent, and those clothes are fantastic !!
Wishing you all the best for these last days : )

Sharon xx

Cheap2Chic said...

I think these must be the bargains of the century. For what it's worth I'd let your girls play with it until the novelty wears off (if it does) then sell sell sell !

Ms C @ HappyElastic said...

What lovely buys! I like the stripy scarf very much.

As for the tent, it is awesome and is obviously loved by the girls. Keep it! You can always sell it next year instead if they go off it (not likely though, too pretty!)

Hope the baby doesn't keep you waiting too long.

♥coco rose♥ said...

Ooooooh what wonderful treasures you found! I have that white stuff scarf and it's one of my faves! You can't beat a multi-coloured stripe! he he!

Have a super Duper Bank Holiday Monday!!!!!!!!

Love Vanessa xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow - what a mighty haul! I'm so jealous of the coat, what a find.
Best wishes for the new arrival!!

Anonymous said...

What bargains!
You should definitely keep the CK tent.

Victoria said...

How lucky were you with those fantastic buys. Spill the beans - which car boot is it? x

Debdor said...

My daughter was bought that tent when it first came out, about 7 years ago. She is 21 now and it goes festivalling with her all summer long. You MUST KEEP IT!!! I am off to a car boot sale this afternoon, hope I am half as lucky as you were.

bellaboo said...

What an amazing find/bargain that was! Do keep it for the girls.. you will won't you? Hope it won't be long before that little baba pops out. :0)

Serendipitychild said...

My gosh, what amazing finds, you lucky girl! Definitely KEEP the tent!

danemi1 said...

I would love this tent - if you do consider selling it please message me (serious) but if you decide to keep it - ENJOY!!!!!