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Monday, 25 April 2011

A lovely weekend...

So, yep, here it is, still waiting for the egg to hatch.

Not that its overdue yet...hopefully somtime after this friday (D Day!) we will be welcoming Baby P...just thought you might like a little bump shot update?

Love this dress. I went to visit my mum this weekend and ended up dramatically waling 'ive got nothing to wear in this weather'*holds up back of hand to forehead*....then i nicked her new dress PLUS a ton of other lovely things!

It made her feel good to share clothes with her 27 year old daughter so im doing a good deed by taking them off her..right? (the necklace was hers too).

We were stood in front of this glorious scene in these photos, its the River Itchen, which runs through Hampshire, where i live.

Mum, myself and our adopted mother/grandmother Wendy went to a lovely local pub, The Bridge at Shawford near Winchester, for a special girly easter treat lunch on saturday, it was very much enjoyed, sitting in the sunshine with half a shandy, so peaceful.

This little place is famous as its where Victor Meldrew met his end when he was knocked down by a car in the final episode!...(you can watch it Here if youd like!)

I hope you all had a fantastic easter? Im sure the beautiful weather made the holiday time extra special this year-dont you think?

Here are the girls putting together their easter tree

On monday we headed to the outlaws for a family bbq. It was heaven to have someone else cook and to just sit, chat, enjoy each others company, the sun on our backs, watching the children play.

They all received soooo much chocolate, i think mummy might have to help them out there!

Here is Poppy hiding her new bunny in the tree!

I can just about still lift my current 'baby', Ruby!

We really havnt done anything during the time off over the last two weeks but its been blissful watching the kids with the hose in the garden just making the most of each other and the sun....

Im keeping well but my body has started to tell me enough is enough so Mr P is around a bit more at the moment to give me an extra helping hand. Oh, and the new hens are laying like there's no tomorrow, and range in egg colour from dark speckled brown to almost white!

So, thats a general round up for you, im sure many of you had a far more exciting time than us but we kind of have to keep things low key at the moment!

The girls are at school for the next two days and have lots of royal wedding celebrations planned, hopefully i can photograph them all dressed up, each child in school has even made a single bunting flag, ready to be strung together!...Will you be watching on friday??..

Here is a final shot of Murphy in the dandelions...the headland round the field just next to the garden fence is full of them...all waiting to be blown away!

I will keep you posted as much as possible as to when the bump arrives, and if you follow me on facebook im sure you'll read it there first!

Love Kirsty xoxo


Pomona said...

Hope all goes well - it looks like you had a lovely weekend, and certainly the new dress suits you very well. I wish I could have looked so glamorous when I was expecting - instead I just looked like a beached whale! Great to catch up with your news.

Pomona x

Debdor said...

Wow Babe, you are ready to pop! I love school hols when you just stay close to home mooching, and we have been so lucky it felt like the Summer hols! Just take it steady this week, and get plenty of sleep while you still can...

Poppy said...

That is what you call a neat looking bump! It looks like you had a lovely Easter. I would say that's what Mum's are for.

I can't wait to hear the news, good luck!

Lou xxx

Saphy said...

Hope it all goes well, you are really blossoming!

Summer Blue said...

Hi Kirsty,
Thought I'd pop by quickly wish you all the best with the birth of your baby. Where have all those weeks gone? It seems only yesterday that you posted a picture of you at 12 weeks!! I must say you have looked amazing throughtout - beautiful, and great pictures to keep.
I shall be waiting in anticipation for the news. I've thought all along that it's another girl - can't wait to find out!
Haven't the school holidays been amazing? We've been to the beach every single day and I really don't want the girls to go back this morning!

Take care, Jane x