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Sunday, 17 April 2011

New friends...

So, although mothers day was fab, i did spend a portion of it crying!

A devious Mr Fox had crept in that night and helped himself to my chickens, unfortunately that flock had never been ones for properly going to bed at night in the hen house, they just used to roost up in the roof of the inner pen. I was devastated when i discovered them, as you can imagine, luckily my brother was here to kindly lay them to rest for me. I only had three chooks and the fox had killed them all but not taken any, god i hate foxes.

Later that week a kind man who was delivering some rubble to the farm (for a new 'road' we're hopefully putting in), came over while i was stood in the garden and explained that he had 13 cocks/hens which needed a new home as he was emigrating, and would i like them??

Well, i guess you could say fate was smiling down on us that day! I practically kissed this kind stranger and stumbled over my words but think i managed to say 'yes please' at some stage as this week he and his wife arrived with our new friends.

I felt incredibly guilty, and still do, about how the last chooks met their fate, so its made me all the more determined to out fox the fox this time round, they've only been let out of the main pen once this week and were kept securely in the hen house for 2 whole days when they arrived so they knew where to roost at night!

Poppy i completely in love with them and spent some time yesterday taking photos of them. The only ones i took were ones with her in, they're quite impressive!

Meet 'Buffy' the imaginatively titled Buff Orpington.

The girls have named most of the hens but they change them from hour to hour so goodness knows what they are called today!

Even managing to hand feed them, they are friendly, noisy, and fun!

Cant wait to get to know them better...

Its just a shame i wont have time to make any cakes with all those eggs over the coming weeks!
Mind you, family and friends will be glad of the fresh egg supply coming their way.
So today we raise a glass(of lemonade) 'to new friends'

Love Kirsty xoxo


Cheap2Chic said...

Oh that's so sad I know how you feel as I've lost hens and ducks to the nasty fox too. Mine were really securely penned in yet he still managed to get them, we couldn't even see how he'd got in, so don't eat yourself up about it.

pigeon pease said...

We have a fox on the prowl, my poor girls must be wetting themselves lately (can a hen wet themselves ;) ) Sadly you can only do your best, or have a gun. Your new flock looks wonderful, so many lovely varieties.

lynn x

the cardigan-inn said...

So sad to hear about your chickens.
Foxes are cruel like that, why not take one and let the rest be. One would be sad but better than all of them.
Thank God you got some new ones, and they are beautiful.
Love frome Holland

Saphy said...

Its so sad when you loose your flock. our neighbour is in a constant battle against the fox. Such a gorgeous creature with a very nasty habbit! Good luck . hope the end stage of your pregnancy is going well!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

So sorry to about your lovely hens. Rotten fox. Enjoy getting to know your new girls. They are beautiful.

VintageVicki said...

So sad that the fox chose to do that to your old flock - you could understand if they took chickens to feed their young but just to leave them there is horrid.

Glad you've got loads of new friends - am sure your friends and family will be delighted with all the lovely fresh eggs.

Leisa said...

Love your new family of chickens. They are just lovely.

sian said...

What a happy ending to what seemed like such a sad start!:-) Your chickens look so healthy and I can only imagine the fun your girls are having with them.
Love reading your blog by the way, good luck with the next couple of weeks and wish you all the best!

Happy clucking!!!

Sian xx

sian said...

So pleased you and your family had a happy ending, the chickens look very healthy!!
Love your blog by the way, wishing you all the best for the next couple of weeks ;-)
Sian xx

Lori Brighton said...

How sad! But how serendipitist that fate smiled down upon you. In the U.S. we think of the fox as a clever, cute and cuddly little creature. Perhaps clever, but not all that warm and fuzzy!

Smiffy said...

Oh dear Kirsty, I am so sorry to read this. I know how you feel as a fox killed our rabbit and guinea pig a few years ago, it's horrible and you feel so guilty don't you. Make sure you rest as much as you can over the next couple of days hun. Sue x x x