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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Thank you x

Firstly i obviously need to say a huge thank you to all of you lovely girls who've taken the time to restore my faith in blogging. I cant believe how many lovely, sweet comments and emails ive received this week!
Im pleased to say i will continue with my ramblings, and if there is anything you would like to read more about, just let me know! I know we're all guilty of reading and running sometimes(me-alot of the time!) but its been really reassuring to know you're with me!

So, firstly i have to show you what i got for mothers day! The girls and i were up at 6.30am as i needed to do another boot sale to rid the house of a bit more clutter, the girls and daddy firstly called me into the bedroom and presented me with a beautiful card....i then had to wait there while my gift was wheeled into the lounge and i was instructed to close my eyes until the TA DA! Moment!...Well, you can see what i received below!......

A new wheelbarrow! And not only that, a PINK wheelbarrow!
Now, you might scoff at the idea of a wheelbarrow as a mothers day gift, akin to receiving a washing up bowl for some women, but this was actually something i needed.wanted!

For the last three years ive been using a holey, rusty barrow with a flat tyre.
And when you consider how much use i get out of one-it takes my laundry from the utility to the line, my shopping bags from the car to the house, my logs from the pile in the field to the back door in winter, i couldnt live without one!

A new barrow was even on my birthday list this year, but i didn't know you could get pink ones!
Mr P really pulled it out of the bag this year...thanks baby x

Sunday was a really special day. After the car boot(made another £45) my mum brought my brother over and i cooked a huge lasagne with salad coleslaw, garlic bread, salad etc for us all. Mums favourite! Mr P even came home from work at around 5pm to share the day with us. He then spent the rest of the evening mowing the lawn-the girls had THE best time left to learn how to ride the mower themselves, lots of videos were made to show them when they're older.(for the safety conscious among you the cutting blade was disabled when they dove it and it was kept in the lwest gear-slowest speed possible, and Mr P was in the garden the whole time!)

After we'd eaten, something special happened, there was a light shower of rain, then bright skies....and right outside our lounge window, the most beautiful rainbow came out, ive never ever seen the start and end of a rainbow-both of which were in our field, it was truly a sight to behold...i guess growing up on a housing estate was why id never seen the start or end of one before? It must of always been hidden behind a house!(im not sure the photos show this but honestly, you could see the ends of it!)
Not only was there one stunning rainbow, as the sun got stronger ANOTHER one came out above it!

It was a perfect mothers day. I cant believe this time next year i'll be a mother of 3!!!!!!!

So this week is a hectic one, the kids break up for easter on friday, 17 days off, then 3 days back at school, then 4 more days off...i didn't plan this baby very well did i? I'll be 37 weeks pregnant on friday(only 3 left) and im dreading the holidays to be honest!
Im trying to make the most of every child free day, and yesterday i headed off to IKEA to get a few things for the baby and the house but they didn't have half of what i wanted so of course i ended up buying some crap i didn't need instead!
This lustworthy item called to me, but i think it was about £18 so i resisted!!!
Really don't need another blanket but this one was so lovely with its pretty fluted edges.
They also had it in blue and green if you want to grab yourself one!

But here's a shot of some goodies which did come home with me.

(Ive just noticed this is a distinctly 'Pink' post!)
The daffs were bought at the car boot sale on sunday, a pound a bunch, i bought two but the lady gave me 3, how kind? They're the big double fluffy ones, cant wait for them all to come out.
(...I took this photograph at about 7pm yesterday evening, look at the light, low sun, gently lighting the house, beautiful)

Onto the goodies. The CK memo block was a gift bought by my step mum who i spent the day with on friday, we had our mothers day then as she was working on sunday. She treated me to it from Johm Lewis, we headed there to stock up on baby essentials(i think i have everything now).

The pink spotty candles, pink glass candles and strange white towel things you see there were all IKEA.

When i saw these candles i got SO EXCITED, i wanted to bundle the whole display full of them into my trolley and run for the exit door!!!!!!

I mean look , stunning CKesque pink glass candles, which smell AMAZING, and polka dot candles-how often do you find these?!
The polka dot ones were also available in baby blue and yellow(i think)...Perfect for easter!
Ive now rearranged my mantle piece to incorporate the new pretties...

Do you love these as much as i do?!...

Here is a close up on the name of the scented candles if you want to look them up.
I think they'd make beautiful presents...

I also saw a new design of duvet cover in there. It was white with pretty rose buds all over and was so soft, almost flanelette like, you can view it Here @ the IKEA website, but it doesnt do it justice! They only had one single one left so i think its going to be a really popular design.
They also had LOADS of rosali duvet covers in my local store(southampton), i cant believe we all went so mental over them a few years ago and now they're so readily available!!!

The little white towels you see there were bought as ive been hunting for some terry towelling nappies to use as burp cloths, but so far had no luck(or they've been reeeallly expensive!) these were the perfect size and only 40p each in ikea! I was really lucky to spot them i think!

On Monday of this week i had to go to work (this saturday is my last shift-cant wait!), on Tuesday i caught up on housework, today, a final boot sale will be done with the last of the items ive sorted(its currently 4am and i cant sleep!).
On Thursday im going on a post pregnancy clothes shopping trip to primark-for essentials of course! And a little visit to CK in winchester...and on Friday im having my hair done...crikey, the weeks are whizzing by!

Thank you all for checking in with me.....
Hope you are all well today?
Love Kirsty xoxo


charl said...

ooo just listening to all your plans is making me soo broody again!!.. this was my fave time of pregnancy ( the end !) but it was all the getting organised and buying all the little bits and bobs.. that i was to frightened to buy to early!.. getting the roots done just incase i went early!!.. i was manically applying false tan every night so didnt give birth with white skin i mean what is that all about!!..
i love your pink wheelbarrow.. its fab what a great gift!
loving all the pinkiness from ikea somehow i think there is a trip there this weekend with my name on it. oh the hubby will be pleased!!!
enjoy your last day at work.. hope theres lots of cakes for you!!

Naomi said...

You sound like one busy busy lady!! Will you get the chance to put your feet up before baby is born?

Totally love your buys - especially those polka dot candles!!

As i said in my prevous comment, it really is lovely to read your posts...so you keep going Mrs!!

Much love Naomi xxx

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Wow! You have quite exhausted me (in the nicest way)with your energy and activities (and you're pregnant). I know what you mean about the lovely bloggers out there, they never cease to amaze me. My DD is also pregnant, running her own business, just found out she completes on her new home next week (eight weeks before the birth) and we are away on holiday. Did you mention the word 'Mental' a short while ago! I think we will all be joining you soon.
Sending you hugs, do try to fit in the odd rest..
Jenny x

Andi's English Attic said...

Well, I don't do pink but I can see how that wheelbarrow is FAB - and I think that's what you should call it - after Lady Penelope's car.

Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

I haven't been commenting much on anyone's blog recently because of the arrival of MY little one (four legs - see blog), but I DO read your blog and you are on my 'blogs I love to visit' list on my sidebar. xx

Saphy said...

What a lovely pink post! I have never seen a pink wheelbarrow either! The double rainbow, such bonus. Glad you had a good mother's day. you know you will get through the kids holiday's and have a blast! Glad you are going to keep blogging. I cant wait to see what the little one looks like! take care and have a good day. x.

Pretty at Heart said...

That pink wheelbarrow is fab!!

Why does that always happen at Ikea?! You never come out with what you went in there for but still come out with arm fulls of stuff!! Is lovely though! I have got those pink spotty candles and when I spotted (ha!) them, I ran round to the front of the aisle!!

Hopefully you will get some lie-ins during the half term and a break from the routines always recharges the batteries anyway. But I think you need to slow down a bit!!

Just think, next Mothers day there will be an extra name in your card!!

Take it easy!

♥coco rose♥ said...

Firstly............sooooooooooo loving that wheelbarrow! That would have made me very happy too!

And secondly..darn you Kirsty! I was hoping that I didn't need a reason to visit Ikea for a while. Last time I visted, they had sold out of the pink candle glasses and I was gutted! And the spotty candles. Ah flippin' 'eck, I feel a trip coming on......Mr H will NOT be pleased! ha ha!

Have a super duper evening!

Love Vanessa xxx

periwinkle said...

very cute wheelbarrow, I got a pair of step ladders from my Hub one year . Everyone laughed but I use them all the time so I know where you are coming from .

pinkpopsy said...

Hello! After your last post asking if anyone was reading I feel obliged to delurk and say "I love to read your blog!". I really enjoy reading blogs and get lots of inspiration from people like you but I don't often comment as I don't have a blog myself so feel a bit of a fraud! So I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading what you write, having a peep into your lovely home and getting ideas - I was at Ikea last week and completely missed those gorgeous candles! Can I ask where your Wednesday car boot sale is? I'd love to find a mid week car boot as I often work on Sundays and miss out. I live in Salisbury so not too far from you and have my own pile of clutter so could do with selling at a car boot too! If it's ok with you I'll comment a bit more often! Best wishes x

Bumpkin Bears said...

I'm so happy to have come across your blog through Tabiboo. Now that wheelbarrow would be just my cup of tea too! That double rainbow is just beautiful! I remember riding the sit on mower with my Granny in Dorset, I bet your girls had a blast! Congratulations on no.3 on the way. I must say I now have to go to IKEA< oh polka dot candles!! Take Care, Catherine x

Poppy said...

I think I might need a trip to Ikea now! I'm loving the wheelbarrow, I could do with one of them for work.

Lou xxx