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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

winchesters delights! NEWSFLASH

OH. MY. GOODNESS..., can anyone guess where i'll be heading to tomorrow morning??
News just in, that the new CK shop in Winchester is opening at 9am tomorrow morning!!!!
So, after the school run, Cath here i come! I have a little birthday money so no doubt i'l find SOMEthing to spend it on.. Ive also been informed that they're having an official opening party on saturday-think i'll be abe to sneak in?!.I'll be making sure my camera battery is fully charged this evening so hopefully i'll be able to get a few snapshots for you all to indulge in depending on how busy it is, if any fellow bloggers spot me in the shop please say 'hi'... do you think i'll sleep tonight??? Im hoping to have a quick scoot round tomorrow then plan a lovely day in the near future incorporating some lovely blogging friends, chatter, coffee and more CK!
So, thats the most exciting news out of the way, but also its only 3 days to go until winchesters very own 'vintage and handmade fair' this sunday to be held in the guildhall.
Im really hoping that its going to be as good as the chipping sodbury one but, sadly im not sure it can live up to the heady delights of The vintage magpie et al...we shall see. Now i must go, sorry this is short and sweet but this little snippet of happiness has me in a spin, i must go and chill out! xxx


Deb said...

Kirsty, you are sooooooo lucky. I adore Cath Kidson and we don't have her shops in New Zealand. Do try to take lots of photos so that I can salivate and drool all the way from New Zealand--lol.
Have a wonderful time.

Summer Blue said...

I just checked my emails and there was one from CK informing of the opening...you were the first person I thought of!!!! You should have fun as when I was in Bath on Tuesday, there was quite a lot reduced! Thinking about it, I bought one of the 'boxy' oilcloth bags with a zip at the top, they're great for swimming lessons for the girls and keeping sand out at the beach...might be worth considering with your 2 girls...
CONGRATULATIONS on buying the farm, that's great news and must be such a relief for you all.
Have fun shopping.............
Jane. xxx

lou said...

Hi Kirsty,I really don’t want to go to work now! :0( I hope to get too the shop on Saturday and buy some fabric.

I can’t wait to see what you think of it, have a good time – love Lou xxx

Sal said...

How exciting for you!! I hope you can take photos!!

Florence and Mary said...

How exciting!!!

I'm still trying to tie my parents down to a date to visit Winchester... maybe I should allow a few weeks to allow them to re-stock! LOL!

Victoria xx

Moe said...

Ooooh you are so Lucky to be near a CK shop, I am just green with envy, I live in ireland and we don't have any here (yet anyway)but if one comes I will be first at the door! Your blog is a lovely read,