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Thursday, 2 July 2009


We're back!....Well, CK was good, no, better than good, it was FANTASTIC! we got there at half nine this morning and it was really quiet...downstairs they had bags, kids stuff, garden stuff toiletries and kitchenalia and upstairs was the fabric and womens clothing. The shop was truely inspirational, made me want to come home and paint all my old furniture either red green or pink! I think i'll resist the urge until its a little cooler.....so...wanna see inside the shop>?....This gorgeous bench outside was JUST £200! bargain.
My photos are a bit jumbled but i really cant be arsed to organise them so hopefully that wont spoil your enjoyment.............

Chairs like this fantastic one were dotted all around the shop they were about £250 each and were so stunning.

There were lots and lots of these lovely vintage fabric bags dotted around, they were tres pricey, about £38 each.

How in love i am with this beautiful staircase??....

I adored this handmade picture, it was vintage and on sale for £210...

Wanna see what i got then???....

I bought myself the lusted after messenger bag with my birthday money, and also got a couple of little melamine cups and, a plate for the girls and a new ironing board cover. Mum got the floral bucket bag which im looking forward to sharing! The only things i didnt see were the floral sprig chinaware set, from which i would've liked to purchase the jug, never mind, maybe it was there but i missed it, we shall have another look on saturday when we go again. I couldnt take many photos of the middle part of the ground floor of the shop as there were lots of shoppers there and about 5 staff, but you would have loved it, there were great little displays, one like a real kitchen, with enamel sink etc, and a bedroom one with a fully made up bed, and even a small vintage kids cooker, it was all heavenly!!!
On the way back through winchester mandy and i got ourselves a little bear each(made from hessian sacks) for just £3, so sweet! I also picked up these lovely plastic cups for the garden/picnics reduced to £1.50 each from whittards.All in all, im a very happy bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MelMel said...

What fabtastic fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I'm so glad you had a great time!

The pictures are wonderful....thank you for showing us!



Florence and Mary said...

WOW! Doesn't it look fabulous, I can't wait to get myself along to the store for some shopping.

You brought yourself some wonderful things.

Victoria xxx

Summer Blue said...

OH.....how lovely......I feel like I've visited now!! What lovely goodies. I hope you have more luck with your ironing board cover, I bought one and had to return it as there was no way it was fitting my old ironing board...I was so upset because it was so much prettier than the one I have!!
Must confess I popped back to the Bath store this morning and bought the 'Lilac bunches skirt' like the dress in your picture, it's SO pretty I couldn't resist.
Keep on blogging Kirsty, I love reading about your lovely life and the wonderful places you visit.
Jane. x

Sal said...

Glad it lived up to expectations!
Wish I'd been there!

sue15cat said...

Lovely pictures, I want...no I need that first patchwork chair!!

Sue xx

twist vintage said...

Wow - it certainly looks different. The shops in Winchester never used to be that pretty (I moved away a couple of years ago)! And the lilac dress is beautiful.

grace said...

how funny was just doing a bit of blog hopping and found yours and oh how even more bizarre I was in the delicious new shop today and I'm in your pictures (at the till with a buggy) anyway I loved the shop to and nice to "meet " you xx

grace said...

not sure if I have already posted as computer went funny, but I'm in your photo and will be back to visit your fabby blog x

Devon Dumpling said...

The photos of you and your littley are lovely! And of CK as well, of course, but that goes without saying! x

The sewing room said...

Oh such eye candy it is all so lovely so glad you had a nice day hugs Pat

periwinkle said...

Oh I love those chairs and the red lined basket and the hessian teddy -- so amny things and not enough pennies :-(

Thecraftytrundler said...

Lovely post!! Lovely pic of you, and your little daughter too!!!
The vintage items are mega pricey, but dont they give you inspiration!!! In fact all the shop does!
Thanks for sharing : )

Sharon xx

Shabby Chick said...

Ooh love the pictures of you and your daughter, they are so lovely. The shop looks great! Very jealous though as I have no money it's probably a good thing we don't have one opening here ;)

Mel xxx

Cavania said...

Lovely post, makes me want to dash out and visit CK myself.

Corrie said...

oh thank you for those photos, I've only been drooling and pouring over each of them!

I'm moving to london and one of the most exciting things about the move is being able to buy cath kidston again!

thank you for sharing and what a lovely blog, will have to add it to my favourites now!


summerfete said...