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Saturday, 27 June 2009

My weekend.

Good morning all, ok so lets get the weather chat out of the way first, its blimmin muggy here, no sun, just cloud and heat....reeeally want to get out into the garden and plant my new plants but i dont think the girls would thank me for turning up at school stinking of sweat and cow dung(our soil is poor so i have lots to dig in)...im indoors doing housework with Phil and Fern for company.

I ventured out to my usual winchester bootsale on sunday and got a few goodies...

The big red trash can was four pounds, i think i'll use it as my recycling bin in the back porch. The round basket was three pounds, as was the big square one, thats for this kids toys upstairs. Picked up another crochet blanket for a pound, i know i know we dont need any more but i couldnt help myself! I got a few plants, a stunning fuscia coloured dhallia,another lupin, and a Borage plant-which will hopefull look something like this soon:
Also got a couple of metal coffee tins which i'll use in my porch, im ammasing quite a collection on my shelves out there. Also got a fabulously scented candle, brand new for 50p. Plus two thomas the tank plates for Archie and a brand new set of clippers for 50p, i gave murphy a good clip and he's looking much neater now!

And, dont you just love the old green cooking pots? Nana mandy enquied and was told they were five pounds for the set, a bit pricey, so when i went past later i asked again, whaddya know?, down to a pound each! So nana i will be sharing them with you as you loved them so much, can i have the largest one and you have the other two??

My mum recently picked up this beautful addition to the girls special shelf...can you see who i mean?,,,
This beautiful hand knitted teddy, shes so sweet!

This single duvet cover and two pillow cases for Poppy's bed was only 2.50, its so pretty.

I adore this stitched rose picture, its another heavy one so it will have to wait a while to find its place on the wall with the others.

This transfer was purchased for pure nostalgia, i had the same one on my cot as a baby, 20 pence!

I bought myself this cute beach bag for 50p....

Mum also picked this cross stitch up for me, three little mice at the beach-cute!

This country living book set me back a pound, its ten years old but the images in it are timeless, i nearly didnt get it, i dismissed it for being too old fashioned but its not. I'll share a few of my favourite images when i can.

More nostalgia, this time in the form of a Denby coffee pot, my parents had this set when i was little, for 50p, i couldnt leave it there.

Picked up two pyrex june rose caserole dises and three plates, my collection is slowly building!

This is a very old custard jug, another great find by my mum!

I bought this tin from an elderly couple who were selling off their parents possessions, they had so many old things on their stall i could have bought lots, i got an old plastic womble toothbrush holder, and a co-op darning mushroom as well as the tin, the girl on it looks a bit evil in this photo but its nicer in real life i promise!

One of my star buys has to be another stanley, hes about 20cm's tall, i paid three pounds which is more than id usually hand over but i fell in love!

Mandy bought me this brooch for 20p, its definitely hand made, ive tried googling the name and number on the card and it seems to be someone in ireland.

This great utensilis pot was 50p...

Coffee pot, one pound, little dish a boot sale gift from mum...

I have plans for this next basket, it was four pounds as its huge, and quite robust. I want to spray it green and line it with olicloth a la cath kidston....wish me luck.

This little doggy was given to poppy at the bootsale for nothing, she loves him.

Sunday afternoon wasnt very productive, Mr P and i spent a while at the in laws farm, they're getting the pool ready, it hasnt been used for a few years so needs a bit of sprucing up, i dangled my legs in and drank shandy, heaven! You should be able to spot something in the background of the photo below...

I took my new basket along as Mr P senior has been nagging me to help myself to the veggie garden now that it has lots to offer ...

I collected Broad beans, Peas carrots and the most amazingly scented sweet peas. I must photograph the veg patch for thse of you who like that sort of thing its looking fantastic!
Now, which vase to put them in??....

So, i did have quite a nice weekend, peaceful.M P took me to the cinema to see the new Transformers movie on sunday night, it was brilliant, a must see.

Moving on, i almost forgot to tell you, im now perfecting my tractor(digger/fork lift) driving weekly, this is me rolling, a couple of weeks ago in Mr P's John Deere 6620. This field is being turned into an orchard so it needed to be pretty perfect! He didnt tell me this until afterwards, a good thing really as i would have been more nervous, we dont want to loose customers!

I drove it quite a long way, from the yard, through the town of Romsey, to a village called Michelmarsh.
I know i look grumpy(and round faced but we wont mention that)but really im just concentrating reeally hard. Driving a tractor like this isnt hard work, but its totally different to anything you could possibly have ever driven, like driving a huge plate of jelly, you have to fight all urges to control it as you would a car. Saying that- i quite like it-you feel kinda powerful driving this massive machine alongside cars..............

My friends are dragging me out this evening to a ladies night at our local pub for a meal to raise money for pre-school, im looking forward to it.
Oh, before i go, thank you all so so much for your well wishes since my previous post, they mean more than i can say... xxxxxx


Sal said...

Crikey...you must have needed a suitcase to get all that wonderful stuff home from the booty!
I also bought a basket at the weekend..I am dead plased with it!
My Borage has seeded itself all over the place. I love it!
Great post! ;-)

LittleGem said...

Wow Kirsty, that is a haul and a half! So much of it is fab, like all the brill enamel bits and pieces (I think I love the coffee pot the most though) and the little Stanleys! Lovely! Good luck with the CK basket plan too - looking forward to seeing it xx Gem

Devon Dumpling said...

AAAAArgh! How is that you go to a carboot and find lots of super things but when I go to my local one there is just a load of unwanted crap??????! It's not fair! LOL x

marble rose said...

How the heck did you get back to the car. I'm more organised now, I take bin bags, or a small child to haul things back.

I love all your stuff, but my favourite issssss.........the round basket and the rose bowl cos I got one to add to my collection at the car boot this weekend too! Snap!
oh and the transfer, love it, oh and the tin - she doesn't look evil - not comapred to my three anyway.



our shabby cottage said...

Wow, what wonderful finds! I love the big red rubbish bin. Looking great up in the tractor too!!

Florence and Mary said...

What wonderful goodies you found, I don't seem to be having any luck at the boot sales at the moment!

Victoria xxx

Isobel said...

Wow, what amazing finds! I am dying to hit the booty as well but we are moving soon and I don't think is a good idea to have more stuff to pack... But as soon as we are settled, Winchester boot sales here we come! (I just hoe it won't be too late to find some nice treasures).
Take care. X