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Monday, 15 June 2009

It must be love...

Hey girls, just a quick 'hello' as im off to feed the cows with Mr P in a minute. Im so excited at the new treasure he brought me home this week, a HUGE belfast sink! Ive taught him well, oh yes, he found it thrown on a rubble heap in a farmyard and immediately thought of me, he rang to say, 'those old sinks, are they worth much?' my reaction-Hell yeah-to me anyway!
He even carried it half a mile(at least so im told)accross a field, almost gave himself a hernia carrying it-its very very heavy....now my dilemma is what to plant in it?!
It must be love x


Sal said...

That's brilliant. My hubby did the same for me a few years ago..he got me three from a farmer who was selling them. I sold one and kept two. I am thrilled with mine! Love 'em!

Devon Dumpling said...

You are so lucky....I'm jealous! x

Alexandra said...

What a find! Fantastic! Love that little milk pail too!

MelMel said...


I love these, I have a coiple, oh my thay do look pretty when bursting with pretty flowers or herbs, what a super find!

I love the way you have set it out with the other cute garden items...lovely!xxxx

Pixiedust said...

Hi Kirsty, How jealous am I !!!!! What a cracking sink, what are you gonna plant in it?

I haven't forgot our swap by the way, I've just been so busy and a bit lost for ideas, but as soon as I've got it all together I'll post it off.


Pixie xxxx

rachel the krafty girl said...

i have a belfast sink...

but i use it as a sink.how uncreative of me lol


Rubys mamma x said...

Ha i am lucky arent i? All the other bits and pieces are dotted along that wall anyway, Mr P just popped it there temporarily but i think i like it there....i think i'll fill it with bulbs in october for a great show in the spring...but not sure in the meantime. We're a bit overrun with herbs so definitley not those pixie...id like to stick to a couple of colours...maybe pink and purple or greens...hmm i shall have to see what bargain plants i can get at the bootsale on sunday x

Lydia said...

Lucky you, hope you have been very nice to Mr P for finding & carrying it all that way... What good a man - my G would have just left it...


The sewing room said...

What a lovely husband you have for thinking about you it does look very nice where you have it let me know if you come across any milk churns as l would love one enjoy the rest of your week hugs Pat

lou said...

I have got a Belfast sink in the kitchen; I would love one in the garden.
What about some colourful salad leafs in there, you can get the ones that grow the more you pick them, you can always add some flowers as well.

Thanks for the gossip about the shop; I can’t wait for it too open, I can see me going in there a lot.

Love Lou xxx

sue15cat said...

Lucky you, and strong, strong Hubby to carry it home for you.

Sue xx

Diane said...

Herbs - thats what i'd plant. I loved your previous (holiday ) post - you really do have the patience of a saint to post all those photos, but I did appreciate every last one of them. Truly beautiful.

Isobel said...

Hi there, I've just found your blog through Sal's one and how cool we live around the same place. I live in Winchester, although in a move process right now, but hope not to go too far from here. Loved your blog. Will be coming back for futher visits.
Take care. x

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Kirsty. It's it nice when a husband is that thoughtful! Mine surprised me with a piece of driftwood the size of a railway sleeper. He found it on a beach, carried the huge driftwood back to the car and surprised me with it! Going to incorporate it in our garden at some point.
Have a great weekend!
Isabelle x

LittleGem said...

I have tagged you on my blog if you'd like to take part :) XX

Red Riding said...

just to let you know my rachywachywoo/kraftygal account will soon be deleted

this is my new blog,

i hope you can stop by sometime

have a lovely day


Charlotte Evans, Cottontails said...


Sorry I've been quiet again - am hopeless I know, just been buried beneath work designing the new Cottontails website. Have a look if you get a mo, same address: http://www.cottontailsbaby.co.uk

LOVE the sink. That's a good man you have there, lol!

Me and my chap have just been choosing a belfast sink for the new kitchen - I haven't moved in there yet but it's happening very soon and am so excited about the new kitchen. We went for a double sink in the end. Not from a field and cost a fortune!!

Lots of love

summerfete said...

Nice belfast!

I'm glad you stopped by as its reminded me that I wanted to ask you if CK has opened in Winchester yet?

The plant is a euphorbia. There are many types one of which is a weed (small in comparison).

Hope you are enjoying this lovely sunshine!

summerfete said...

hello again!
On closer inspection of pic. I can see fennel which smells of aniseed when you rub it, it's the fluffy thing on the left.
Then there's lemon balm under the rose.

If I'm still not right I'll take another look!! LOL