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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Wish i was a Chelsea girl....

Woo hoo! Its that time of year agin, the Chelsea flower show starts this week and im sooo exicited! I love it whether its Wisley, Hampton Curt, Tatton park or Chelsea, and watch it every year, i love gardeners world and always watch joe and the others, but the way Mr Titchmarsh excitedly relays the garden descriptions at Chelsea has me hooked. Five whole days of garden heaven-if im quiet on the comments/blogging front this week girls-you know why!
Im not naturally artistic at all so i take massive amounts of inspiration from everything in the show gardens. I dont believe you need mazzive amounts of money to have a beautiful garden as it should be something which evolves over many years-like a house, those who move in and immediately redecorate usually come to regret it.

(I know my mum's been reading my blog more lately and she says she learns things about me which she never knew before!-So, mother if youre reading pllleeeasse take me to the show next year? Id love to go!)

These are a few of the gardens which i love the most-my fave ever is the chelsea pensioners garden, bet you girls love it too!!

Ive never been to the show before, mayble when im a bit older and i can save my pennies i'll plan it properly and go, but it doesnt stop me enjoying it. Id love to bag a bargain at the big sell off one year but i just dont have the competitive spirit for it i dont think!

If any of you are going, please take lots of piccies and have a fab time, better dash as im missing Country file and they're talking about field mapping!!

Kirsty x


lou said...

A girl after my own heart, you must try and go next year!
The big sell off is not for the faint hearted, we had so many plants I struggled to carry them all, and it was raining, but I have never laughed so much.
The only thing I would say is you get to see more of the gardens on TV as it is so busy at the show.
I am off to Cornwall this week so I will miss it this year!
Love Lou xxx

Sal said...

When I lived in Surrey, a trip to The Chelsea Flower show was a regular thing as were many Sunday afternoon strolls around Wisley.
I have always loved gardens and gardening and I can't wait to watch the Chelsea programmes this week!
Your pics are superb!! ;-)

funkymonkey said...

I'll have to visit via the t.v. yet again. Like you, I would love to go and I love the pictures you've posted today.


Britt @ Sweet Sassy Molassy! said...

Breathtaking photos!


lou said...

Hi, we travel up in the car, you are more than welcome too come with us next year if we go.

Love Lou xxx

The sewing room said...

Well who would,nt want that garden it is lovely l would like to model mine on it but l would need the thatched cottage first. Thankyou for following on my blog l think you are great and l will enjoy coming back for a visit.


Rubyred said...

Love the photos,GORGEOUS!
Rachel x

Yvonne said...

Hi Kirsty, I have just found your lovely blog and had to leave a comment about the Chelsea flower show. I have never been, but I have been to the Hampton Court Flower show... that was amazing.. so many things to see and buy. I was left totally exhausted, but totally exhilarated and keen to get home and put into practice some of the ideas that I had seen. Your photos are a true inspiration...

Yvonne x

Diane said...

Ive been to Tatton a few times - WONDERFUL!! but Ive never been to CHelsea - but its in my book of places to visit. I love the picture with all the Lavender - if I could only have 1 thing in my garden it would be Lavender. xx

isabelle*dalia*couture said...

i found your blog though blogging, what a great site! and what a beautiful family!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Enjoy the show! I loved your photos, my favourites ones are the cottage ones. I ahve just noticed that you like VW campervans. You may want to look at my latest post which about VW campervans!
I'll have to enjoy the show via the TV unfortunately unable to go.
Isabelle x

MelMel said...


Lovely of you to pop by!

I'll catch up via Email soon!xxxx

Charlotte Evans, Cottontails said...

Hi Kirsty,

Sorry I've been quiet for so long, just catching up today...

Lovely to read your post and see the lovely garden pics. Anything with a building with a thatched roof in it wins my vote!

This time next year, all being well, I'll be all at home in my boyfriend's house in the country (am moving in next month, very scary) and fully into the whole gardening thing!

Lots of love, and enjoy...