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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Im celebrating! Thanks girls x

Hellllooo, im so proud of all the new friends ive made blogging that id like to reward you all with a little giveaway-ive just realised this morning that ive now reached 50 followers...which im sooo shocked about! I cant believe there are 50 people who are that interested in my ramblings.
Ive not quite decided on what the giveaway will be yet, but it will certainly include some of my handmade jewellery, and obviously in true bloggy style, some little treats too!

If you leave a comment on this post about anything you like(how your week is going or your next crafty project perhaps?) i will get one of the little ladies to help me select a winner a week from today....

Lots of love, and HUGE thanks, Kirsty xxx


bekimarie said...

It's a great feeling when you reach the 50 mark isn't it?
I'd love to be entered into your giveaway Kirsty because I know my DD would love the chance of some handmade jewellery as this is really her thing.
I'm actually working on my next project at the moment, 2 things for Jess' birthday on Monday. The first being a painted canvas which will hopefully be covered in glitter and a heart of buttons on it (this is my first attempt so fingers crossed) the second one is a handmade notebook/journal. She loved her scrapbook so much that i'm now giving this a go.
Havae a great weekend!
Beki xxx

LissyLou said...

Gorgeous header pic!! i'd love to be in your giveaway.

My project for next week is to get out the sewing machine and make something for the FRIENDS swap!!

Mandy said...

Do I count because I am family... I suppose not really! I have reached 50 too and have some bits to give away will be doing it as soon as my back is bloody better! Love you x

Shabby Chick said...

I'm in please!!!! Well done on getting your fifty followers, you have a lovely blog :)

Mel xxx

THIS'N'THAT said...

Congratulations on getting to 50!! Almost as awesome as a birthday with a nought isn't it? I got to 20 this morning ... if only that was age as well as followers ... now there's a daydream to take me away from the domestic goddess stuff which I've reluctantly given in to today!
Lesley X

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

i bet there are a load more people besides those 50 who read as well :-)
i have a list a mile long of things i want to make at the moment included fabric letters for my childrens rooms!
Lesley x

lou said...

So many things I want to finish and so many things I want to start, the problem with me is I want everything made as quick as possible.
I must finish making and my grandads cushion and keep practising on the sewing machine, that is at the top of my list and I have hundreds of other things on the list too.
I would love to enter your giveaway please!
Have a lovely weekend…love Lou xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Well done you.

Debbie said...

Lovely blog Kirsty ... I am a newbie blogger and wished I'd found this sooner .... it has opened up a whole new chapter for me with so many ideas and some wonderfully funny people out there who never fail to lift my spirits. I am just about to start working on my swap at the SCC and hope to have a giveaway myself soon. Have a good weekend.

tomolou said...

Love your blog. currently trying to knit a huge granny blanket.

LittleGem said...

Hiya Kirsty, I thought I clicked on this post before but then couldn't see it! Anyway my current crafty project will either be some floral tote bags or cushions perhaps! At the moment I am having fun covering buttons though. Congrats on your 50 followers :) XXX

Diane said...

Hi, You have a lovely blog - I'd love to be in with a chance for your giveaway. Your previous post has given me great inspiration for planters for my garden. You must have very quick broadband connection, or the patience of a saint to post all those pictures!!

gingerwine said...

Oooooo pick me pick me!!

I love your blog, I just wish I had more time to spend in blog landxxx
Love Sam xxx

Lajoni said...

loving your work Dahling and would love to be in your scrummy giveaway
I am painting at this very minute and have only just realised the 4 items all have mirrors somewhere on them ...they are for my shop:) and about an hour ago I won (ebay) a cottage style round table and 4 chairs £15 which I want to paint, distress and paint something in the centre I think.
Well done on your 50 followers I need one more to reach the 30 landmark oh if only that were true in RL hehe ....
Take care xxx

louise said...

Wow 50 Followers I only have five.!!!
Your blog is so pretty, I love the colours.
Take care.
Louise xxx

Country Bliss said...

Congratulations on reaching 50 followers, you do have a lovely blog. My next project is to do my FRIENDS swap and a swap for the SC forum.
Yvonne x

Clair said...

50 is a huge achievement!!

I really need to get on with like a million projects and get those UFOs completed!

Blueberry Heart said...

Hi! Congratulations on 50 followers! Yo really have a lovely blog - look forward to your posts! I also have to say 'thank you', you mentioned that car boots are a great place for plants,well off I trotted at 6 this morning and what bargains!Thanks for the tip!!
BH x

Jackie said...

Congratulations on reaching 50 followers! Your blog is great. Please can I join in with your giveaway :O)

madmummy said...

Wow, well done on 50!!
xxx Steph

Tillyboo said...

Love to be in your giveaway ..
A recipe ? Well, I don't cook as Mr Boo looks after that area but I do have a speciality. 'Fluffy Beans'
1. Open a tin of Baked Beans
2. Tip into saucepan
3. Turn heat up to max
4. Get distracted by children, dog, telephone etc.
5. Run back to kitchen
6. Remove saucepan from heat
7. Serve said 'Fluffy Beans'
Toast optional !