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Thursday, 7 January 2010

A (teddy)bear in the snow!

Hellooooo! Good morning good morning my lovlies, how are we today? Good i hope, thought id share this mornings adventures on the farm enjoying the white stuff. It looks reall beautiful at the moment as its so sunn, and undisturbed. There were deer tracks all over the place which was nice to see but apart from that not a sole had trodden the ground. I love that, when ou can be the first to walk on that soft white powder and leave a perfect boot print, dont you?

We're back inside now, girls with hot water bottles, Ruby is writing m shopping list for me, im hoping to escape to ASDA this afternoon for 'essentials'-hot choc marshmallows and squirty cream namely.

Ted had a fantastic time out in the snow, i do worry that dogs' feet pads must get painfully cold but neither him not Murph seemed bothered, he did slip onto his side a couple of times on the compacted icy snow in the yard but seemed unphased!

I always take a pocket full of tiny pieces of cheese when im walking him to try to get him to 'want' to come back to me, so far so good, he never goes out of sight and is only too happy to dash back when i whistle him, good stuff as we should be beating here tomorrow so he can spring into action and hopefully not show me up!

The photo below is one of four of the big oak trees which line the edge of the garden, they're full of birds, tits in the daytime and Owls at dusk. Talking of birds i do hope you've alll remembered our feathered friends, mine have some left over cereal, granary bread, mixed seed and i think some dog biscuits or something stale my mum put out for them!

There back and forth from the tree to the house all day and beautiful to watch.

Mr P found a dead common chaffinch in the yard yesterday(like the one in the photo above but slightly less flighty obviously!) when he was littering up the cattle-not uncommon you might think- but the unusual thing was that it had flown all the way from Norway!

When he got home last night we googled the ring number and found a website giving some sketchy details about the discovery, we emailed the chap who seemed to organise the ringing and he put us in touch with a chap called Alf Tore Mjos-i kid you not-head of the ringing section at stavenger museum in Norway!

So we've given him our address and he's going to send us a 'recovery letter' whatever that is? Quite interesting i think, Poppy will probably use this as her show and tell next week, i can print out the museum info for her and she can tell all about ringing.

Shame about the poor little chaffinch but im not surprised he carked it having flow that far!

Enough of me babbling, here are a few photos of the hound and the kids and the farm for you to enjoy.........


ginger@bearbits said...

Such sweet faces in the snow! And a very interesting story about the bird. The snow photos are very peaceful looking.

bellaboo said...

Lovely pics of sweet doggy in snow!Wonder if your dog gets snowballs stuck to the fur? Bella comes back with loads.Snow has become very hard and crunchy now here and paths are treacherous.Take care and keeep warm.


Kathy said...

Ted's so cute! Snow doesn't seem to phase dogs at all does it? Our labrador found a dead bird in the snow yesterday and wouldn't give it up. She only came back when she was exhausted....recall is not her strongest, especially if she's distracted. I'm sure Ted will be much better trained than that!

Bluebell said...

Loving the seasonal photos, thanks for sharing.


Lydia said...

Hello Kirsty

Lovely post, and the snow makes the farm look picturesque, you wouldn't think of all the hard work that goes on there....

Keep warm & safe

Love Lydia

littleanna said...

Hi I am new to Blog land and am so pleased to have found yours.I live in Southampton my home is in the city but my heart...... and I have loved seeing and reading about places I know.Don't ever think i will have my own blog but love to read others and want to join in with swops and things

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Happy New Year!
He looks so cute! Glad you are all having a lovely time together enjoying the snow. Your birdy photo is gorgeous!

Sarah x

Tillyboo said...

My Boo has that fleece ... isn't it soft and cosy. Wish they did growd up sizes !
Teddy is adorable ... how is he coping with the snow bumbles that get attached ? xx

bellaboo said...

Hello,thanks for dropping by!Just heard on the radio this morning that a good way to soothe doggy's pads after walking in the snow is to soak them in a bowl of warm water and a tsp of bicarbonate of soda.


periwinkle said...

i didn't realise they put rings on chaffinches -- you learn something new every day :-). Ted looks adorable in the snow , perhaps a bit bemused but adorable all the same :-)

a mermaids purse said...

Beautiful blog! ;0)
glad i found it, have been reading alot of your old postings...really enjoyed it. Wonderful snowy piccys!! bet your girls and four paws must love it loads ;0)x

Diane said...

What lovely photos - your beautiful pup is growing rapidly!!

Kesenya said...

oh I just love the sound of snuggling up with marshmellows and hot choc....unfortunatly here is it 45 degrees celcuis (113 F.) and we are passing time under the airconditioner !! Thanks for sharing your very cooling snow photos !! Lovely !!