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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Happy birthday, happy birthday.....

Helllooooo Girls, how are you all? No, seriously, how are you?.....
Firstly i should just say that Im frustrated that i cant figure out how to swap my photos about and put things where i want them on blogger anymore, its my own fault for not uploading the photos first!, never mind im sure you'll be able to match everything up.

January has been a real wobbly month for me, i knew it would be, but ive had wonderful lovely kind friends (real and bloggy) who have offered me a shoulder to cry on, and some pretty flowers to cheer me up!

Mr P has renamed me grumpy. No, i havnt shrunk to dwarf size, its just been a tough month.

Im just about recovering from my root canal treatment this week, i thought i looked after my teeth pretty well, but alas, this was 100% necessary and 100% scary for me. I hate going to the doctors, but the dentist-well thats even worse, as soon as i get the all clear im usually out of that chair but this time it was an hour and a half of what can only be described as hell. That was just one thing bringing me down, The week before that, Ruby had her first major accident, id just started running the bath for her(and i was sat on the side of it) when she decided to step into it, i hadnt even switched the cold tap on, needless to say-it was hot. He left foot was burnt and she is having it redressed every couple of days by the(lovely)nurse at our surgery. It was very blistered, but luckily isnt sore at all. She's never got into the bath without asking before and most of the time i run the cold with the hot, on this occasion i hadnt even had a chance to switch the cold tap on, still wracked with guilt though-bad mummy of the month award goes to me.

Saddest of all this month, my beautiful daughter Poppy's 6th birthday, on the 22nd January, was the first anniversary of loosing my gorgeous friend James, those of you who know me well, know that i dont need to elaborate further on my feelings about my sadness.....its just added to my sombre mood this month.

As you can see, i did indeed make her a cake in the end, 2 in fact, but to be frank, my heart wasnt in it, i dont think she or anyone of my family noticed and enjoyed the cake anyway.

I was hoping this year would be a really postive one, but to be honest January has done nothing but drag me down, and thank god that on monday we can float into February.

Speaking of February, the 1st to be exact, i do believe thats my very 1st blog birthday!

How shall we celebrate then? A giveaway?, oh ok then!!! Ive collected a few lovely bits and pieces together to celebrate this momentus occasion and id love to share some fab goodies with one of you.
Id really like it if you would be so kind as to leave a comment giving me an idea of a simple meal idea i could try out for the family. I know a few people have requested this recently too, but dont worry, if you cant be bothered to write out a whole recipe, beans on toast will do as a suggestion!Id like to just say thanks to all of you, i now have 101 followers-101!! While thats lovely, and a compliment that a few people out there enjoy tuning into my twitterings, you've all been so sweet and kind and inspirational, and really hope this journey continues with you all, thanks a million! (and i apologise that my posts are fewer and further between than id like at present, just life getting in the way as usual)

Just an update for those of you who are interested, the pig farm is going from strength to strength at the moment, i drove the big digger over the fields today down to the main pig area and as i passed them all they all ran over for a nosey, i think they thought they were going to be fed-no such luck! Some of the sows have farrowed now so as soon as is humanly possible i'll take some good photos of the piglets for you all to ooh and ahh over-just bear with me.
One thing which has put a smile on my face this week is the fact that each room of the house is adorned with the stunning tulips you see photographed. I popped in to the local texaco garage one evening and they had 3 bunches down to 75p each...next evening, 7 bunches, at 2.25 each, s i asked the young chap with the scanner reduction gun thingy if they were due to be reduced further that evening? Of course-er 75p a bunch okay, he said ?! Er YES!
I grabbed the lot(greedy i know!) The guy at the till said id saved twenty two pounds in reductions on those flowers!!! I love love love tulips the're just so pretty!!
I'll leave you now as id really like a glass of rose(ay) and a catch up with Mr P when he gets in shortly, thats if i dont fall asleep first-im pooped!
Here's to February the 1st ;-)
Night all,
Kirsty xxx


Thecraftytrundler said...

So sorry that it's been such a bad month for you, no wonder you've felt down! You've had a lot to deal with, and deserve a hug ((( ))).
Your new blog header is great! Also congratulations on your 1st blogiversary! February will be better!!
As for the meal, my children love my home made lasagne & crispy salad. What about a mixture of tea time cupcakes for the girls, and yourselves, too?
Take care : )

Sharon xxx

Pea Green Kitty said...

I really feel for you! January is a grey, grim month at the very best of times but when you have had so many things going on aswell.... thank heavens for tulips! I hope they bring a smile to your face.
It is a shiny new month tommorrow so things can only get better!!!
Chin up!
Oh and PS. dont feel guilty about the bathroom mishap! These things happen and im afraid with children you would have to have eyes at the back of your head (as my mum would say) and arms like an octopus and you still wouldnt prevent every mischevious thing they get up to!

periwinkle said...

oh dear - i do hope February is better for you , too many sad things in January - hugs. The Tulips are beautiful . As for meals as a novice cook myself I can't recommend Rachel Allen enough , the meals I've made so far have all been quite easy and very yummy, especially the carbonara. There is a link to her website on my latest post if you want to check her out.

bellaboo said...

So sorry to hear about the accident.How upsetting for you.These things happen in a second while your back's turned and you musn't blame yourself.Hope the foot heals very soon.Love all those pretty tulips.Flowers really lift your spirits don't they?
A nice recipe you could try,if you like fish,is a very easy one of mine.Put some salmon fillets,cut into small chunks, into an ovenproof dish.Melt some butter in a pan,add some sliced mushrooms and cook,then add flour,stir well,then add milk.. to make a sauce.Pour over the salmon pieces.Cook some potatoes,cool a little and then slice into rounds and place these on top of the sauce.Grate some cheese on top of these.Bake in the oven..Fan 160 for approx 25 mins.I havn't put amounts as depends how many you are cooking for but the method is the same.


kirsticoo said...

I just love tulips too... they are sooo pretty... Have you tried Corned Beef Hash for dinner - really easy, just cook your chopped tatties and carrots, fry up some onion and garlic, add the corned beef and some cayenne pepper for a bit of a kick, mix the cooked tatties and carrots with your corned beef mixture and voila... dead easy... you can find the recipe on page 95in Tana Ramsay's Family Kitchen book...Enjoy...xoxo

Lydia said...

Hello You,

Sorry to read that January has been such a bad month for you, fresh start tomorrow, hope February brings you joy. The cakes look fab, well done you.

Meals - Slow cooked beef in beer - (beer) appeals to the 9year old, and tender enough for the reluctant meat eating 6yr old...

Love the tulips...

Love Lydia

Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry that you have had such a rough month. I hate the dentist too, even worse than I hate medical things. I hope your little one's foot heals quickly. Such pretty cakes, and gorgeous flowers.

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Dear Kirsty,

Oh no I am so sorry I haven't been by in a while... first due to neglect and then due to misunderstanding as I thought I had set up an rss feed (?!) of your blog through to my inbox and I have got it wrong somehow as things haven;t been coming through. I shall attempt to fix it now.

I am also really sorry to hear about January and truly hope this is a better month for you.

Sometimes things are hard. They are horrible and it seems all we can do is hunker down and hope it will pass. It always does and there will be sunny days ahead, happy times.

I have spent so much of my life being glad certain months, times, periods are over. Things really do go in cycles.

It's just an idea but have you ever read The Secret Garden. It's such a lovely novel for this time of year and so uplifting.

Probably the most boring family meal ever but one of my very favourites is simply a roast chicken with crispy jacket potatoes, salad and coleslaw.

Humphrey suggests anything with carrots :-)

Lots of love

Ali said...

I can totally empathise with you - with regards to coping with the first ann. of the loss of a loved one. Remember happy memories.

I think our favourite family meal is shepherds pie with baked beans and lots of tomato sauce!

susan said...

I have also had a bad month! Floods and broken bones. February can only be better!
My fav dinner is Chicken cauldrain. Brown chic breasts and lay aside. Make a basic cheese sause add half a chick stock cube, teaspoon curry powder, and a large tbsp of mayo. Cover chick with sause and top with breadcrumbs. Put in oven for half an hour, delicious!

a mermaids purse said...

some months are just like that, its hard at times, especially when so much is put on a new year to be bright and better- doesnt always work out that way...hopefully feb will be a better one tho ;0)xxxx
sorry to read about the accident- poor thing...i know with my little girl im always saying wait its too hot let me put some cold water in before u get in...but kids are quick as a flash sometimes how ever hard we try little things happen...you sound like a lovely mum to me ;0)...abit of choci always helps me smile! thats on my to do list everyday ;0) lovely blog! xxxx no wonder you have over a 100 followers! xxxxx

littleanna said...

Ps forgot to say 2 weeks after I brought home my very prem baby from special care I let her roll off the sofa!and I have worked in childcare for over 20 years!
littleanna x

Big Red Hearts said...

Hope your little one is well on the mend now. Loving the tulips, and the Cornishware and the hearts...
I tried a new recipe the other week. It was a Carbonara but a low fat version with no cream. The recipe is on my blog if you are interested. Please note it does have uncooked egg yolks in it, though.

Sam said...

I thought It was just me feeling the blues...I cant decide If I'm grumpy or bored or a mixture of the 2!

Sam xx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

Hi Kirstie
my simple meal idea is getting in the car and driving to Pizza Hut ;-)
cheeky I know but hope your feeling a bit more positive ! Jan and Feb and very dreary months and I always seem to have bad week at some point but soon come out the other side :-)
Lesley x

charl said...

first anniversarys of things like the death of a loved one must be so hard..your waiting for the date with dread and then spend the day and then the time after wards sad for the loss to.. im sorry that you've had to go through this.. not a nice time at all for you..

how about a lamb tagine.. with couscous, a fresh green salad and sweet potato chips.. ooo my mouths watering thinking about it.. so easy to make to!!

Shabby Chick said...

Sorry to hear you're having such a shitty month :( I hope your little girl is better soon. My eldest drank some kitchen bleach spray when she was almost three so I can imagine how you felt hun. Children heal so well though.

Big hugs, Mel xxx

PS yes please to entering the giveaway!

April May said...

sorry to hear about your little girl, hope she's on the mend now!
A favourite meal in our house is roasted butternut squash.. just half it and spoon out the seeds and stringiness and score it a bit with a knife and the plonk a heap of butter on it and bang it in the oven for an hour or as long as it takes to go all yummy and mushy, then I stir fry some veg, loads of onions, courgettes, peppers, tomatoes, aubergine and serve that on top..yum! even my two year old will eat it ...well she tries it at least!