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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My goodies!

Phew! Im just taking a five(twenty)minute break to chat in beween dashing round the house in a mad cleaning, decluttering, spree! Not quite sure whats come over me but i do feel better for it, and Mr P is still at work so i figure i may as well make the most of my pottering time!(By the way he's fixing the gearbox in my 'new'(to me) land rover discovery we bought this week, see how much this puppy is costing me already??!
So, here are the photos of some of my CL xmas fair purchases.

Hopefully most of you already know of the fantastic work of Stephanie Ponsard *my sweet fairy* blog and Etsy shop? One of my first posts was about my first fairy bought from her, which resides above my bed, sleepily dreaming on a glass bauble. The following photos or courtsey of Stephanie, this was her stall at the CL Fair in 2007, (click to enlarge) i just wanted to give you an idea of how wonderful it is....as you venture in you notice all different fairies all over the place, they really captivate me and i cant resist them.

This isnt the exact fairy i bought but i couldnt show you that as he's all wrapped up as a crimbo pressie for our newest family member baby charlie, i chose a blue baby fairy on a green macaroon, sooo sweet. I alo bought my girls a fairy with a little net skirt scattered with flowers as a crimbo gift, shes stunning and i cant wait to see her hanging from their bedroom ceiling.
These next treasures are very special and i'll always treasure them as they were bought with my mummy, she knew how much i wanted a linked silver bracelet like this one and treated me to it even though it was reeaally pricy. I LOVED the ring too and ummed and aahed for ages but bought it as i didnt think id see another one like it and it is so lovely.

Now, you remember i said id share more of my lulu and jane goodies? Well, this is their lovely card for you to have a look at....
And this is the back(click to enlarge)...

Wanna see what i bought from them?..... Im soooo toooottallly in LOVE with my new wristwarmers, they just jumped into my hands and before i knew it, cash had been exchanged and my goodies were being wrapped in mint green tissue paper and popped into a bright pink paper bag, what d'ya think??
The ones above are my grown up, sensible stylish, cable knit mummmy ones, and below are my funky LOOK AT ME! Ones, fab huh? and only 8 pounds a pair(yes handknitted)!

Of course, i was naughty and visited Joules too, well ive hankered over these for ages and, and,....well im just plain greedy if im honest with you but i dont care, i work hard, i dont drink or smoke(or socalise much)so why not?? AAH chocatoodles!

Greengate anyone? Thought so! 2 tea towels, a pretty bird for xmas decoration and a bottle of handwash for the kitchen in a posh bottle(NOT FOR MR P'S USE!!!!!!) Red spotty for xmas kitchen and blue paisley for summer kitchen, mmm pretties.

This metal duckling had such a lovely expression, i thought he could keep me company when im sat out the front bench gazing at the view.

I couldnt leave the show withut adding to my china collection, I got two crochet mug warmer things,the green one below the other is pink. A cute home sweet home mug from lulu and jane and a tiny cup and tea light holder from Caroline Zoob, i had to buy something with a Robin on as i adore them and it was either these goodies or a ceramic heart with a robin from Jane Hogben pottery, maybe i'll get that next year.

I also got this tiny tipple of Raspberry liqueur, only 22%!!!!!!!
I hardly drink but this was so tasty. Do you think i could take it shooting with me as a little tipple??
My other Joules treat was this beautiful necklace, the huge cherry like beads speak to me and ive even caught my mum holding it up to herself-hands off!!!
So, all in all a great haul. Got a couple of other stocking bits for the kids from dot.com giftshop and a couple of family gifts, there wasnt tons there that you couldnt get elsewhere but you cant beat the atmosphere and we had a real sense of adventure as we took the tube part way into london which was such fun(we got some strange looks from fellow commuters!)

Hopefully i'll now get a bit more back into my blogging swing, lost it there for a bit, blame the house, its taking over my life!

Hope you are all well,

Kirsty xxx


Sal said...

All those goodies have made me drool!

Pomona said...

I keep thinking of you having to carry it all home - that's when you need a chap to accompany you! Your handwarmers are lovely - I noticed them in the first picture - I have a bit of a thing about them at the moment as my hands are permanently cold!

Pomona x

sue15cat said...

Wow....what a haul. Glad you had sooooooo much fun. Love all your goodies but those wrist warmers are brilliant!

Sue xx

Kate said...

Hi there
Lovely goodies, we went Thursday pity we didn't meet up, maybe next time? I love the silver jewellery very pretty.
Have a good day

jo said...

You have such good taste. I love that necklace too!!

Sarah said...

Lovely goodies - I was also tempted by the Joules wrist warmers - didn't get them though..The silver jewellery is really pretty.

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Lucky girl, you came back with some lovely things. I didn't go this year. Thought you out to know that the Cottontail Baby link on sidebar doesn't work.
Isabelle x

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

What gorgeous things!

Totally know what you mean about things having more meaning when you are shopping and choosing with someone else too. I went shopping in the summer with my mum and bought a lovely outfit from Laura Ashley which I smiled every time I wore because it reminded me of our shopping day! (It was a special shopping day - the Saturday after we closed the high street shop. Can you imagine the freedom - we hadn't shopped together for six years because one or other of us had to be at Cottontails!)

Anyway, I love all your new things and covet them all!

Love Charlotte