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Sunday, 8 November 2009


Hey all, sorry ive not been chatting for a while, id forgotten how much work this house is in the winter on top of all my usual jobs. Bringing in logs, keeping the fire going, hoovering 5 or 6 times a day, dusting more because the fire is going(well, wiping everything from window frames to the tv weekly with a damp cloth and some flash). All these things are added extras which seem to be taking up the little extra bits of time i previously had.
Dont get me wrong, im not a neat freak-not at all, but with SO much washing in this house im always running to keep up with all my jobs.

The cats like to sleep on our bed most of the day and night during the winter so im constantly wiping gritty muddy paw prints off the sheets and quilt! I feel mean if i dont let them in there, and besides, with a puppy arriving in two weeks, closing my bedroom door 10 times a day will be the last thing on my mind.

So, whats been going on here with us? Ruby is at school full time, but since then ive been helping out Mr p's sil with childcare as they've been trying to get the house next door finished(hopefully moving in today). The weeks are whizzing by and we'll soon be in december before we know it. Ive been baking lots, ive perfected mince pies and chocolate fudge cake thanks to Lucy at Attic24, according to the teachers at the girls school it was AMAZING!(no photos , sorry)

I helped out for the whole week before xmas in Rubys class as her usual class learning assistant was off, i really enjoyed it and felt a nice sense of responsibility, met lots of teachers who'd worked there for years and were familiar with our farm, it was nice to show my face with regards to 'who's got the farm now' conversations!

Half term was a washout as we've all taken turns to be poorly, we did venture to the cinema to see 'UP' in 3D, we sat on the beanbag seats at our local VUE cinema as a special treat for the girls, all went well until Poppy was sick all over herself and all over the car on the way home-same week as id advertised it for sale-thanks Pops, we were only 30 seconds from home, and you know how that smell lingers.

Ive been suffering alot with migranes recently which have been awful, i havnt found a medication which takes it away yet, so if anyone can reccomend anything id be grateful.
I also cricked my neck a couple of weeks ago, on the same morning i was traveling down to southsea in portsmouth to meet my friend Jason at gunwharf quays shopping centre, he'd just had a kree op, and i couldnt look right; so as you can imagine we got a few odd looks!

Ive had my mum staying over this week which has been lovely as ive had lots of extra help with the kids, cooking, washing, cleaning etc! We had a lovely bonfire party on friday night to celebrate buying the farm, lots of jacket potatos, and chilli and mulled wine and good friends, hopefully we can do it every year!

Ive been walking the dog lots everyday which he loves,since mum's been here Stanley's been loving it too...i thought id better add a few photos to this post and you're probably bored to tears by now....enjoy x


Pomona said...

I love your pictures - real visions of a happy childhood! I really relate to your comments about housework - we heat with wood, and although I love the fires, it means that everything is covered in thick greyish dust all winter - and the dog hairs and muddy pawmarks never go away! So I do sympathize with you. The headaches might well be related to your neck - mine always are - a physio or McTimoney chiropractor might well be able to help.

Pomona x

LittleGem said...

Hi Kirsty,
Lovely to have a little update from you. Sounds like hard work with all the cleaning your doing. Sorry to hear about your migranes too - I had a week where I was getting them every day, luckily they've disapeared now.
Lovely photos too.
Hope you have a lovely week, and dont stay away too long xx

Shabby Chick said...

Your girls are so sweet! They look really happy and fun.

It's nice (though not for you!) to hear the downside of a real fire as we've not got any here and it takes the edge off the jealousy a bit lol.

Mel xxx

Andi's English Attic said...

Cute pics.
Washing? You mean laundry? Coz mine mates and multiplies, I swear. I haven't seen the bottom of my wash basket for a very long time.
Sorry to hear about the migraines. I take Imigran for mine. It's the only thing that helps. xx