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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

morning all

Morning all, its precisely 5.22 am and i am up. Ive been 'up' since 4am, the reason? Oh just a certain puppy deciding to start crying at that time for the last three nights!
As you probably know our house is a dorma bungalow, and our room is downstairs. Puppy sleeps in a cage in the kitchen which he goes into quite happily but by 4am he's barking and crying constantly and Mr P had said if he had a third night of disturbed sleep then one of us was going to have to move out-and it wasnt him!
So i duely released puppy from his hell(!)in the cosy, blanketed, food and water ladened crate; and what do i get? Showered with millions of kisses and happy puppy noises thats what!
These last 4 days my little pup has made me so happy, i absolutely adore him, he's as good as gold and just brings a happiness to the house which i cant really explain.

Now dont get me wrong, i was all for the 'im not getting him out, even if he cries all night' school of thought, but Mr P occasionally calls the shots so who am i to argue?!
So this morning, ive bleached the kitchen cupboard doors, tidied the kitchen completely, played with two crazy pups,(mum is here with her westie pup Stanley too!) and lit yankee candles so we have a pleasant not too hurty on the eyes 'glow' on the sitting room and kitchen... and now i thought id drop in on you guys with a quick update. I gess you'd like a photo of the new 'baby'? For those of you who dont follow my blog, he's a working cocker spaniel and his name is Teddy, Ted for short, Superted as Mr P calls him, or Harvest Willow Teddington to give him his kennel club name!!!!


jo said...

Oh! He's sooo cute.

Jo xx

MelMel said...

oh how could anyone resist!

Have a good day hunni!xxx

Sal said...

He is gorgeous and I am glad he is giving you so much pleasure!

Isobel said...

He is such a cutie!

Pixiedust said...

What a little sweetie! xxxx

Dolly said...

awwwawwwawww hewwo baby teddy!

when we got our puppy the dog breeder told us 'whatever you do don't go to her when she cries in the night'....

the whole family got up that first night!

THIS'N'THAT said...

Oh what a beautiful 'baby'!! Have lots of fun with him, guess he'll be a grown up before you can blink:)
Lesley XX

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Ah, takes me back to when Buster was a pup, glad to see he is so snuggly, and such a handsome chap,

Sarah x

Tillyboo said...

Hang in there ... we had a nightmare with Archie until he was about 8 months old. We persevered with the crate and he's now fine. We moved him to a bed and he loves it. Up until recently he was still waking up at about 6.30am but it's now about 7am which is manageable.
I totally sympathise, it was like having a newborn baby again - Archie would bark, scream and howl. We'd be up several times a night because he had puppy colitis at times and we didn't know if he needed a poo or was just upset. But then you have to understand, they are still babies. It's a huge wrench being away from mum and litter mates to suddenly having to sleep on their own.
Ted is adorable, I wouldn't be without Archie now. He's been bloody hard work being a Springer but we are working hard on the training and he's such a joy xx

Bluebell said...

I can see why you're so fond of him - he's a cute little thing!

B :)

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Oh I am loving Harvest Willow Teddington!!

He is so lovely. My Humphrey bunny is the light of my life most days :-) AND he wakes me up at 4am quite regularly by picking up his food bowl in his mouth and throwing it against the wall (he sleeps on the landing outside the bedroom). Naughty boy!

Love Charlotte

Diane said...

I want one!!!!! xxxx

Vintage Inspiration said...

Beautiful baby....lovely.

Louise x