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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Retail therapy

Ive been sat her naughtily oogling all the goodies on my favurite websites for a bit today..(what?! im waiting in for my new washing machine to be delivered AT LAST!-and no they never did fix the old one)... i thought you might like me to share one of my favourites. The utterly delectable cosmetics purse below is from http://www.thechiccountryhome.co.uk/Online%20Shop%20new.htm
If you've never been there before i can highly reccomend it, lots of xms pressies were bought there last year and were gratefully received by all...go on..have a peek. Faye, who runs the shop also has a sweet blog here.


Yiota said...

Thanks for sharing this place. It looks fantastic. So many beautiful things. Good thing you got a new washing-machine; not sure your budget agrees though.

MelMel said...

cheers for the link hunni, what a beautiful website....
AND i love that make up purse!
Will you be buying that for your good self???

Mandy said...

Loving the new design with chook having a drink its a great photo x x

Florence and Mary said...

I love all this range, I've been admiring bits and pieces constantly.

Victoria xx