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Monday, 19 October 2009

MMMM delicious!

Do you remember these pretty little birds i showed you the other day? They're french partridges, and yesterday they went from this......

.....To this!!!!!!!! Ta da!
After spending the afternoon with Mr P senior at the big farm(as we shall call it, just so you dont think i mean our farm) learning how to dress pheasant and partridge, he kindly gave me two brids and some pheasant breast to bring home for tea!
I decided to stuff the birds with some bramley apples id collected a while ago from the big farm, as well as some sage and garlic. I then wrapped the birds tightly in bacon and baked for 25 mins. When the birds were almost cooked i removed the bacon and added it to some red onions and garlic id already fried. The birds went back into the oven to brown off. And i make a lovely gravy with a chicken stock cube the bacon ,and other bits. All served with garlic mash and peas....it was so tasty.
To say Mr P was impressed must be an understatement as i even got a call at work from Mr P senior today to say that Mr P had been singing my praises for the amazing dinner, at coffee this morning! Now, i dont want to sound like im blowing my own trumpet, but im really really proud of myself, i took so much please in cooking something completely new to me that i think everyine should try it every so often. Im also happy that my man was proud of me!


Sal said...

Well done you!
Maybe you could nip down here and cook a few meals for me!!

Devon Dumpling said...

It looks really tasty! x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Golly, well done you, that is a bloomin good effort. I am secretly pleased as punch when Him down the Lane praises my cooking. Silly isn't it?

Sarah x