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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Catch up...

Good morning lovely ladies(or afternoon, or evening, or whenever you might be reading this!), hope we are all well. Ive been meaning to catch up properly for aaaggees now, so again i apologise for my tardiness. Ive not been up to much of interest, just the school run, house tidying dog walking etc etc but ive taken a few photos as i had to have a bit of colour didnt i?!
First things first, ive been looking for a new puppy this week, ive settled on buying a working cocker spaniel as we have our own pheasant shoot here at Woodington now, so id like to be able to train it and go beating with murphy and Mr P, the pups ive seen so far have been completely adorable but not quite right for us so the search continues! I dont know what colour to choose though, thats a bit of a dilemma(a nice one though!) I think id like either a golden one or a chocolate one, as opposed to black, or a few other variations of colours which these dogs come in.Ive selected a few photos from google to give you and idea of what im talking about. Hmmmm?......

Moving on. I took the photo below a couple of weeks ago, its my beautiful Japanese maple, what a stunning colour? All the leaves are now littering my patio but i loved the brief burst of firery red.
The girls and i have been out and about on the farm today looking at the the amazing colours of the trees, they were fascinated and are now pointing out pretty trees everywhere....its nice seeing things through their eyes, the appreciate such tiny things, like silver birch bark peeling and holly berries starting to appear....(which reminds me i must go and gather some this week to put in my enamel jug in the kitchen diner.

All these autumn colours and we've been blessed with lovely weather until this week so ive been biding my time until i could whip out my new Joules sweater, i got it at the recent Romsey horse and agricultural show.

Not a great photo im afraid! but you get the jist!

Crazy as it sounds i got a fab Joules sweater in a charity shop in Romsey this week, and a lovely Jager shirt to wear on shoot days...
Making me very happy this week was the discover of these fab new sarah smith dishcloths in waitrose, they're huge and they we were really reasonable, LOVE the polka dots. I also picked up some prettily patterened wipes which ive never come accross before, and the week before last homebase had ss dishcloths in every pattern ive ever seen for half price-so i stocked up!

Im sure you've all had a chance to peruse the new CK catalogue by now, well,what did i spy wth my beady eye, only my primark cardigan in the rosy patterned sweater storage bag!! Now thats thrifty ck!
Things are busy busy here on the farm, this is a peek through next doors gate, all that unruly mess is down to the fact that the house is being renovated before Mr P's brother and family move in shortly.
While out for a stroll with the dog at home this week, something unusual caught my eye...take a look..

How cool is that?! Mr P's brother did it last year...maybe we'll use it for a party here this year and continue the tradition, lol. Murphy thought it was great that i moved the drum slightly to take the photo and raced in to catch any shrews which popped out from underneath!

I took a photo of the old drum below because i just LOVE the colour, who'd think that on a farm full of rusty old bits and pieces you'd find something so beautiful, such a pretty hue.

This is Mr P's brother and family's life piled up on a trailer just waiting for them to move in,( its only their garden 'stuff'' though so dont worry.

I think id quite like to live in this little house!
..Oh and this milk churn!

I also noticed this solitary yellow rose, my favourite colour of rose actually. Strange how you can have roses flowering into october isnt it?

I thought id include a couple of photos if the afore mentioned Romsey show, we have special members passes every year so we get to use the posh loos and eat and drink in a special sectioned off area!
I think these wonderful old steam engines have so much character, that smell and the heat you feel coming off of them is like nothing else. They were all lined up in an orderly fashion with their owners on board, more than happy to share their history with anyone who cared to ask. If you enlarge this photo you'll see that its got Eastleigh, painted on it. Thats the market town in grew up in in Hampshire, so it was particularly special to me.
I love watching the different dog shows, some are purely informative about each breed, its great because you see so many unusual dogs which you wouldnt necessarily know about otherwise.
One of our tractors was at the show to promote the national federation of young farmers.

I also did some shopping-of course! I bought my lovely Joules sweater photographed at the top there, it was a bargain at only twenty nine pounds.

I stupidly talked myself out of buying one of these great hats, bugger, i need one now!

I didnt buy anything from the stall pictured below, but its the same people who are at the cuckoo fair each year, do you remember me telling you about them back in may?
They had a fantastic stall, as you can see by their award!

Back to the here and now, yesterday the girls and i ventured onto the farm to take a look at the bird pens housing the shoot birds, these partridges were so pretty, but very very nervous. Ruby was a bit shocked when they all started flapping! Notice how she stands well back, i think she's also avoiding the electric fence!

I'll leave you with a couple of photos of the cheeky girls playing hide and seek and feeding the ducks in Mr p's mum's garden. Please excuse any spelling mistakes, its sooo late and i cant be arsed to check this post through! Whatever you're doing, have fun xxxx


Pomona said...

Lots of lovely pics and I love your version of agric chic - far more chic than me and my aprons and wellies! It's probably just as well we don't have either a Cath Kidston or a Joules shop close by!

Pomona x

Rubys mamma x said...

ha ha, i dont wear my nice joules tops for moving cattle or if im in a tractor-too filthy!

Pixiedust said...

Lovely Pics, those pups are soooo cute. We got another pup a couple of weeks ago, another springer must be mad, and hubby's bought a tractor to restore, I'm thinkng your blog is a bad influence LOL :O) xxxxxx Pixie

pigeon pease said...

Lovely dogs, my sister owns a working chocolate cocker, called Dora....look forward to see what you decide on.

lynn xx

BERTIE x said...

Hello, I agree with Pomona you look very glam! Good luck with your puppy quest, we have a golden cocker and she is just adorable, and very good with the children.
Bertie x

Curlew Country said...

Ooh I've been toying over just the same Joules jumper - love your polka dot warmer too. Very swish!

And I do love those stands at the Romsey show, think my purse would have jumped out of my bag!

My climbing roses are still blooming here, no proper frosts to see them off yet. And what a lovley choice to make over the dogs, not sure I could decide they're all ever so lovely. There's a working shoot up the road from us and its like running the gauntlet trying to avoid the pheasants and partridge on the lanes at the mo.

Have a lovely week, really enjoyed your pictures.