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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Christmas shopping!

Im very lucky to have been born in, & raised near, the beautiful city of Winchester, which every year puts on an amazing Christmas fair around the historic Cathedral. 
We always go for a look round & love looking round all the little wooden huts selling everything from handmade toys, ceramics, clothes, to soap & fudge & everything inbetween.
But, it's now become so popular with tourists & locals alike that I've really been put off going. It's such a battle to get near enough to each little hut to see what's on offer that we end up wandering round, not really looking at anything in particular & coming home empty handed.

This year I could attempt it, with baby girl in a sling & the other kids trailing behind, but somehow I don't think I really fancy that!..Also, taking into account a crepe is about £6, times by three kids & you've got an expensive afternoon out before you've even bought a gift!..

There is an ice rink for the kids but the queues have always been so long that we've never attempted that either.
I haven't pounded the high street this year, although I do love seeing all the shop windows dressed! I think The White Company is one of my personal favourites, their styling is impeccable isn't it? Maybe once all my shopping is done I'll go for a window shop just to take it all in, smug in the knowledge I don't have to hurry or elbow people for bargains!
(They'll be lots of baby feeding stops through the day of course!)

Online shopping is an amazing thing isn't it? I don't know about you, but I can spend hours lost on 'not on the high street', etsy & folksy, not to mention all the lovely shops of IG lovelies I follow!...
This week I discovered this gorgeous talented supplier..

I'm a bit of a mug hoarder..I don't know why, mugs & jugs. I.just.love.them!
I think I may have been looking for Pheasant themed gifts(standard farm theme I'm afraid!) when I stumbled across Fenellas gorgeous makes, just look at these!..
I don't know about you, but I find it so hard to just buy for other people, each gorgeous thing I find I feel like I need too!!..Maybe if I get some cash for Xmas I'll treat myself to a pheasant mug..or perhaps this one?(by big tomato company)

may have persuaded my mum to grab this new lovely Hare mug in Next the other day, there are lots of matching bits & pieces too, so cute!!

So this year, I had to be super organised with gift buying..I've joined Facebook groups for things like Emma Bridgewater & Cath Kidston, watched eBay like a hawk & had a few big Amazon parcels delivered! I've had to shop smart, my budget is tiny due to being on maternity leave but I still love to buy gifts, & make things look pretty, so I've bought wrap from matalan, primark, home bargains, even Aldi, often on 3 for 2, or 99p a roll for the kids stuff, you can't go wrong. Home bargains has some fab hamper baskets, & felt bags, & I've bought little gifts from the same shops for people like the kids teachers, they look amazing, & i'd be glad to received them myself. 
For the main teachers, I've given them a gorgeous Primark scarf, little next mug, bar of chocolate & some luxury hot chocolate..like a little winter bundle. 
The teaching assistants will be receiving malteesers(£1 a box in home bargains) or a toblerone for the chaps(£1 shop for a big one!) a Primark plastic coffee mug-they're so nice & such good value at £3 each! & luxury hot chocolate. £6 in total for each including gorgeous Primark xmassy gift bag!

I don't have many gifts left to buy but I haven't started wrapping yet so hopefully I'll crack on with that in the next few days as its making me nervous having it all sat there disorganised!

My due date is this Saturday, the 7th of November, but I don't think this baby is cooked just yet so hopefully I have a little while longer to sort operation Christmas!

Wish me luck!!

K x X x 


Debdor said...

We could start a new, Mums only, help group - Mugs Anonnomous, aka MA. My family have had to literally drag me out of stores from buying mugs, you cant have enough. I have one that I have breakfast tea out of, one for mid morning coffee, special shaped ones for hot choc etc..... Am feeling very jealous of your little stash.

Leah-Rose Tickle said...

Loved this post Mrs P, I too am a mug addict, and a fellow lover of supporting small local companies at Christmas time! Good luck with the final few days of 'cooking' and wishing you all the best for a safe and comfortable (if at all possible) delivery! Can't wait for baby photo spam on my instagram feed. xx