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Monday, 14 September 2015

Im back!..Again!

I know I know, it happened again!..
I said I would keep up with my blog and look, another year has gone by already!.. Seriously how does that happen?
I have no idea, but anyway I'm here now so enough of the mummy guilt!

It's 3am, and I've been inspired (by reading the 'home that made me' blog, by the lovely Charlotte Valentine!) to update my own blog as it was such a lovely diary to be able look back on!
Can you believe I've had my blog about seven years now?..where did the years go?!

So Mr P has finally finished harvest-thank god. It's been really hard work this past couple of weeks, just doing bedtime by yourself, & being the only person who ever tidies up the house, walking the dogs, food shopping, general day-to-day chores and every day life in general-sitting down at the end of the day & having no one to 'share' with has been tough! This Sunday he spent the entire day mowing beautiful stripes in the lawn, and tidying all of Williams hideous garden toys away! So although he wasn't 'in' the house, it was still lovely to have him around!

I'm now 32 weeks pregnant, and it's going by so quickly!...
With this post I thought I would just update you on our lives in general, bring you up to speed on what's been going on around here lately?

So it was Wills first full day at school yesterday, I'm a bit sad for him as he's not the most confident of children and he hasn't bound in with endless energy. Maybe the fact that he didn't go to preschool with his classmates has set him off on the wrong foot?.. I'm sure in a few weeks time he'll make some firm friends, for now, I'll be gentle with him & make sure he's well fed, & in bed on time every night, tired children do not make happy children in my experience!

Poppy started senior school too, and whilst she doesn't love the idea of school (neither did ,I I can't exactly blame her!) she's settling in really well, is being very organised about her homework & is up on time for her mini bus every morning! 

Ruby has been her usual self, very helpful, talks endlessly about the baby, & is pretty much always in a good mood! Go Ruby!

I've been trying to be super organised now that the kids have gone back to school, just doing one little thing each day has been a huge help. 
From sorting out a box of photos, to washing and putting away a bag of baby clothes I've been given or maybe even just sorting the dog leads into their own 'place', I feel like if I can do a little bit at a time it won't seem like such an overwhelming task!..I really do believe in the 'tidy house tidy mind' mantra, and I'd like things to be a little more organised around here, before little miss parsnips makes her arrival!

Next on the list is Williams huge mountain of farm toys and books! There are just so many, that at the moment, I can't see the wood for the trees, and I feel like they're overtaking the downstairs of our house!.. Once I've cleared them all, it'll be a little easier to see any options of Christmas present ideas too..! 

Don't get me wrong, before you start start shouting 'wow you're so organised', don't forget I'm due to have a baby on 7th of November, & I don't plan on doing any Christmas shopping between then & December 25th-if I've managed to leave the house for a pint of milk in that time I'll be giving myself a huge high five!!
I'm just eagerly anticipating the shops stocking their Christmas wrap right now-come on hurry up!! Then I can really crack on. I hate wrapping & the sooner it's over with, the better!

Well, that's it, you're all caught up I think?
If here's anything you'd like me to blog about, maybe leave me a comment either on here or on my Instagram page & I'll get writing! 

Lots of love, 
Kirsty xxx


Charlotte Valentine said...

Thank you for the mention lovely lady!
It's 4.30am so must be one of your first readers (damn babies & pregnancy!)....love the new blog & you should honestly do it more! Can't believe the little lady will be arriving soon eek. Good luck on 'getting shit done' in the meantime & good for you being so organised before newborn zombieness

A Farmers Wife said...

I think you must be! Welcome! & thank you for the inspiration! I can't bloody get back to sleep once I'm awake, so tired in the mornings !! But yeah. Feels good to be getting ma shiz together!!! Just wish there were a few more hours in the day! Xx

Debdor said...

Hi, Glad to see you are back, I signed up for email alerts which is how I knew... Yours was one of the first blogs I followed when I first heard about blogs, now I don't know what I did with my evenings before blogs LOL...

BlondPolkaDots said...

Lovely to read this and have a proper catch up. (I follow you on instagram too!)
My two didn't go to preschool either but they were fine once they got used to school. Preschool is not for every little person.